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How to Manage & Influence Internal Stakeholders—and Turn Them Into Advocates & Assets (MKTO18A)

Presented by: Joel Garfinkle
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Event Description

Learn Effective Stakeholder Management by Engaging, Inspiring and Managing These Invaluable Relationships

As you continue to progress in your career and attain more success, your tasks, projects, and actions begin to impact a number of influential people. These people begin to have power over you, and can turn into your supporters – or become a stumbling block. Identifying, managing, and utilizing these internal stakeholders is vital for your success. But too many leaders either ignore it, or don’t fully leverage it, because they are too busy focusing on the daily challenge of tasks, projects, and results their job requires. However, your continued success, impact, and increased value depends on your ability to turn internal stakeholders into advocates and assets to your success.

Join this life-transforming webinar with America’s top coaching expert, Joel Garfinkle, as he shows you how to effectively manage your stakeholder relationships. Garfinkle will teach you simple tips, tricks and techniques to spot and cultivate your organization’s internal stakeholders – the ones who can become your valuable advocates, champions, mentors, and supporters, lifting your projects to their true desired outcome of success.

After attending this engaging, fast-paced webinar, you will give up any reluctance you may have about interacting with influential people. You will learn the five characteristics of internal stakeholders, and a unique four-step process to build relationships with internal stakeholders. Plus, you’ll know how to use other transformational tools, models, and strategies to stand out from the crowd and find more effective ways to create sustained success.

Session Highlights

This session will show you how to:

  • Spot the individuals who can further your career growth and those that could be roadblocks
  • Identify your personal internal stakeholders
  • Understand why stakeholders are important
  • Give up any reluctance you may have about interacting with influential people
  • Put your internal stakeholders into groups based on their importance to your career
  • Utilize a unique four-step process to build relationships with your internal stakeholders

Session Agenda

  • Learn the five characteristics of internal stakeholders. Get answers to these questions:
    • What is the definition of an internal stakeholder?
    • Why do internal stakeholders matter?
    • What are the advantages of utilizing internal stakeholders?
  • Develop a plan to prioritize, invest in, and build relationships with internal stakeholders
    • Learn why it’s important to build these relationships before you need them
    • Learn the stakeholder rule of seven touch points
    • Don’t let title, authority or power get in the way of relationship building with stakeholders
  • The three steps of internal stakeholder management:
    • Step 1: Identify your internal stakeholders. They are the ones who have influence or power over you or some aspect of your career.
    • Step 2: Prioritize your internal stakeholders by importance, influence, and power.
    • Step 3: Track your internal stakeholders by utilizing the stakeholder engagement tracking tool.
  • Power/Interest grid for stakeholder prioritization. This model will help identify the stakeholders based on their power and interest which is outlined in four different quadrants.
    • Internal stakeholder has high power and high level of interest in you
    • Internal stakeholder has high power and less interest in you
    • Internal stakeholder has low power and high interest in you
    • Internal stakeholder has low power and less interest in you
  • Stand out and become known to internal stakeholders by applying these four strategies:
    • Volunteer for cross-departmental opportunities
    • Be seen working on high-profile projects
    • Build strong alliances
    • Openly share your ideas and solutions
  • Exchange model of influence and currencies (currency is something of value, not necessarily money)
    • Task-related currencies.
    • Position-related currencies.
    • Inspiration-related currencies.
    • Relationship-related currencies.
    • Personal-related currencies.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior vice presidents
  • Vice presidents
  • Regional managers
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Newly promoted managers
  • High potential employees
  • Executive directors
  • Managing directors
  • HR managers
About Our Speaker(s)

Joel Garfinkle
Joel Garfinkle has 20 years’ speaking experience as both a keynote speaker and a corporate trainer ( Joel’s clients include Oracle, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Toyota, NBA, Warner Bros and Nestlé. He has written 7 books and more than 300+ articles on leadership, workplace issues and... More info

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    Event Title: How to Manage & Influence Internal Stakeholders—and Turn Them Into Advocates & Assets
    Presenter(s): Joel Garfinkle

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