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Connect with Generation Y: Deliver Savvy Customer Service in a Multigenerational World (HRM808G)

Presented by: Drew Stevens, Ph.D.
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Pre Recorded Audio Conference
60 minutes
  •  Tue, August 26, 2008
Event Description

Learn different communication techniques to grab the attention and business of the oh-so-different Generation Y!

Gen Y -- the new working professional and powerful consumer -- is part of a fresh generation with incredible power. These highly skilled technical professionals know what they want and how to get it quickly. Relationships, information and diatribe are all useless to Generation Y. This group of 78 million strong requires different communication techniques, different behavioral styles and different mannerisms. We'll teach you the techniques you need to close the communication gap, gain their attention and provide them proper customer service!

Join Drew Stevens, internationally acclaimed speaker and trainer, for this audio conference where he'll divulge his time-tested secrets to efficiently serve Gen Y!

In just 60 minutes:

  • Understand Gen Y motivations and how to draw them to you
  • Understand why relationships are unimportant to Gen Y professionals and how to get their attention anyway
  • Learn the 5 Laws of Millennial Management
  • Develop tools specific to Generation Y that you can add to your customer-service arsenal
  • And much more!

Walk away with the tools and techniques to close the generational communication gap that creates inefficient and unproductive customer service.

About Our Speaker(s)

Drew Stevens, Employee Compliance ExpertDrew Stevens Ph.D.
Drew Stevens Ph.D. assists individuals to dramatically accelerate business growth. Drew has built four successful international businesses during difficult economic times. Drew has helped over 60,000 people sell over a billion dollars worth of products and sales. He is the author of six books including Split Second Sel... More info

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    Event Title: Connect with Generation Y: Deliver Savvy Customer Service in a Multigenerational World
    Presenter(s): Drew Stevens, Ph.D.

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