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Transform Your Supply Chain To Win: Change, Innovate, or Lose! (MFG840H)

Presented by: Rich Sherman
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Thu, October 9, 2014
Event Description

Develop A Culture Of Innovation And Process Improvement

The Supply “Chain” is fundamentally transforming to a smart Supply “Network” based on emerging disruptive technologies, an intense competitive environment, and regulatory compliance. One of the industry’s buzzwords, the “Internet of Things”, was introduced by a P&G brand manager 15 years ago. While the industry is wondering what it is, P&G recently presented its implementation! Supply chain management is a "tale of two cities”, Leader City and Laggard City. According to industry benchmarks, the Leaders outperform their competitors with an overwhelming advantage in all financial performance metrics. Yet, the gap in operating performance is not that great! Laggards work just as hard as Leaders. Is your supply chain working to lose or win? The differences between the two are culture, process, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

Richard Sherman will show you why and how to navigate through the potentially difficult journey to Leader City and get you started on the road to innovating your supply chain and building an operations “House of Excellence.” In particular, he will show you how to develop a process improvement culture.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Operations issues and benchmarked performance gaps that are the new imperatives driving companies to embark on the journey to operations excellence
  • How emerging technologies, competition, and compliance are transforming fundamental supply chain processes
  • How to embark on the journey to Leader City and build your own House of Excellence
  • Techniques and tools for developing a innovating process improvement culture
  • Understanding the case for change, gaining management commitment, and a practical roadmap to best practice results

Benefits of the session

You will learn how emerging disruptive technologies and regulatory compliance are changing the competitive landscape across industries. The expert will talk about new techniques, approaches, and frameworks for transforming your organization. You will take away a framework for building a “House of Excellence”. Learn techniques for developing a culture of innovation and process improvement.

This webinar is a must for

  • C-Level executives
  • Directors
  • Managers in marketing, sales, and finance
  • Manufacturing, procurement, logistics, IT, inventory management, planning, scheduling, forecasting, and operations
About Our Speaker(s)

Rich Sherman | Supply Chain Management SpeakerRich Sherman
Rich Sherman is an internationally recognized pundit and author on trends and issues across supply chain management. He currently serves as Founder & President of Gold &Domas Research, a strategic management consultancy.  His book Supply Chain Transformation: Practical Roadmap for Best Practice Results (Wiley, 2012) h... More info

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    Event Title: Transform Your Supply Chain To Win: Change, Innovate, or Lose!
    Presenter(s): Rich Sherman

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