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From Cops to Coaches: How to Prepare Your Supervisors on Safety Performance and Culture (MFG662H)

Presented by: Shawn M. Galloway
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Wed, June 1, 2016
Event Description
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Change Your Leaders Into Safety Mentors!

“When the leaders don’t lead, the followers don’t follow.” This is true in regard to safety. Leaders connect frequently with their employees on strategies and priorities. With the help of training, the leaders can have active control of the messages that are sent by them to boost safety as an organizational value. They can set goals which will guide everyone towards safety excellence and will have a positive impact on the formation of safety culture.

With the right kind of training, you can transform the supervisors, who are usually a hindrance to safety, into safety mentors who can recognize and modify the conduct that causes and prevents accidents. There is a huge difference between coaching for performance and managing for compliance. The supervisors influence the workers behaviour perhaps more than almost any other level in an organization; still, most of the supervisors have not received any formal training on effective performance feedback skills and coaching. Learn steps to transform supervisors from cops to coaches, and identify ways to transfer these strategies throughout the workplace, ensuring more constructive and results-oriented supervision techniques.

Attend this session by safety excellence expert, Shawn M. Galloway, who will guide you on the importance of coaching employees effectively using techniques that do not apply to safety, but every other areas of operational performance too. Shawn will guide you through the recent behavioural coaching techniques and apply them directly to improve safety to make most of work-place productivity.

Session Highlights Objective

  • Common approach to leadership development
  • Ideal leadership development plan
  • Leadership safety coaching – powerful 3-step coaching model
  • 4-step performance management
  • Influences on behavior
  • Training supervisors on coaching skills that can be used by them in assisting workers in being more safe and productive
  • Encourage supervisors to take part in safety efforts and in making it an essential part of their job description
  • Focus safety efforts on a list of precautions that are within the power of supervisors and workers to control
  • How to implement these skills to improve any area of operational performance

Who should attend?

  • Chief operating officers
  • Plant managers
  • Sr. executives
  • Directors
  • Vice presidents of operations
  • All levels of safety leadership
About Our Speaker(s)

Shawn M. Galloway | Safety Culture Excellence SpeakerShawn M. Galloway
Shawn Galloway is a consultant, professional speaker and author of several bestselling books including STEPS to Safety Culture Excellence, Forecasting Tomorrow: The Future of Safety Excellence and the newly-released Inside Strategy: Value Creation from within Your Organization. He is a columnist for several magazi... More info

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