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Guiding the Risk Management Process With ISO 31000/14971/27001, COSO, Q-9 (MFG161D)

Presented by: Duke Okes, FASQ, CMQ/OE
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Thu, January 28, 2016
Event Description
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Learn to Assess Risks and Opportunities, through Insight into Risk Management and Provide Strategic Value to Your Organization!

Risk management is not about avoiding risk … it’s about being aware of and appropriately managing the risks that deemed to be most critical to achieving organizational objectives. A risk-based approach to business management has always been core in high risk industries such as aerospace, nuclear power and pharmaceuticals, and in functional areas such as occupational health & safety. Over the past two decades its use has become more widespread as a result of both strategic and operational failures in organizations.

This session with expert speaker Duke Okes will help you gain a basic grounding in the concepts and methods for identifying and managing risk so you can provide support for effectively dealing with the risks and opportunities that your organization faces, whether related to strategy, business processes or projects. This requires knowing how to identify risks, how to evaluate and respond to them, monitoring and reporting how well the controls work, and acting to improve them when warranted. The core steps are the same regardless of application, and Duke will cover them in detail. This session will ensure you can help your organization carry them out effectively and will help you provide strategic value to your organization.

Session Highlights

  • Models for guiding the risk management process (e.g., ISO 31000/14971/27001, COSO, Q-9)
  • Key principles for effective implementation of risk management
  • Common methods and tools for risk assessment
  • How risk management improves organizational performance
  • Examples of risk management applied to strategy and operational processes
  • How to size it for your organization
  • Making it an organizational improvement opportunity

Who should attend?

  • C-level executives
  • Functional managers
  • Project managers
  • Staff members and
  • Others who have decision making authority involving resource allocation and directing and/or monitoring organizational performance, regardless of industry.
About Our Speaker(s)

Duke Okes | Root Cause Analysis SpeakerDuke Okes FASQ, CMQ/OE
Duke Okes has consulted with organizations for over 30 years, primarily in the areas of implementation of quality management principles, systems and techniques. He holds degrees in technology, business and education and is a graduate of a program for Organization and Human Resource Development and the International Pro... More info

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    Event Title: Guiding the Risk Management Process With ISO 31000/14971/27001, COSO, Q-9
    Presenter(s): Duke Okes, FASQ, CMQ/OE

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