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Getting Engineering on-board with Design Thinking: Best Practices for Innovative Development (MFG818E)

Presented by: Tom KraMer
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Tue, August 21, 2018
Event Description
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Design Process Step 1: Cram in the Creativity

Design research work done right can fuel product development down the road and spur creative thinking, but getting your development team to move forward cohesively can be hard, as engineers and designers can have different goals and methods during a development. Good design work can also improve innovation, communications, and overall project success, but without robust design thinking, teams can wind up wasting time and resources.

Engineering consultant Tom KraMer knows well how to cram creativity into the front end of the design process and overall workflow patterns. In this live webinar, he shows you how to conduct design research that will fuel product development work into the future and boost your team’s creativity, communication, and time management skills—leading to higher success rates.

Attend this instructive session to understand the inner workings of designers and engineers, how to exercise your brain, inform your team, and unearth creative ideas. KraMer will hand you the critical keys to design-driven development and equip you to inspire fresh, innovative teamwork. If you are tired of doing things the same old way, this webinar will reveal the steps to embracing a brand-new worldview.

Session Highlights

Here is a taste of what this session will uncover:

  • How designers’ and engineers’ brains work
  • How to exercise your brain, inform your team, and dig out creative ideas
  • The keys to design-driven development

Who Should Attend

  • Vice-presidents of research and development
  • Start-up CEOs
  • Engineering managers
  • R&D managers
  • Design engineers
  • R&D teams
About Our Speaker(s)

Tom KraMer
Tom KraMer, president and CEO of Kablooe Design, has been a product innovator for over 26 years, and holds a Certificate in Master of Product Development from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s in industrial design degree from MCAD. He also holds a certificate from Stanford University in Cardiovascular System i... More info

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    Event Title: Getting Engineering on-board with Design Thinking: Best Practices for Innovative Development
    Presenter(s): Tom KraMer

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