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Transform from Operations Laggard to Operations Leader (MFG361M)

Presented by: Robert Sabath
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Tue, March 22, 2016
Event Description

Why and How to Become a Leader in Operations!

Leaders produce far higher profits, maintain better quality, better satisfy their most demanding customers, enjoy lower employee turnover, and handle change much better than laggards. They have more fun and adapt to volatility and competition far better than their laggard competitors. But it's not easy getting there.

Mr. Sabath will share examples, statistics and resources that clearly demonstrate the value and benefits of becoming a leader, while also dealing with the priorities, processes, challenges and pitfalls that the transformation process will introduce.

This is a very non-theoretical session. Bob Sabath pulls examples from real projects that demonstrate real experiences that he, his staff, and his clients have had. Both successes and difficulties are covered candidly.

You'll get cohesive examples of justification processes, resources and methodologies.

Session Highlights

Practical learning from Bob's first hand experience from eight mini case studies covering basic metals, electric equipment, medical specialities, food & distribution. Bob will present vivid examples with specific measures that compare leaders and laggards in several industries.

  • What are the shortcomings, symptoms, and results of laggards' operations?
  • How do I prioritize what steps to take? Where do I start?
  • Describe some winners. Describe where I should focus: where is the biggest bang for the buck?
  • Monetizing the benefits of being a leader: show how it is worth the effort!
  • Let's be practical: what are the candid secrets of such a transformation?
  • How do I get the ball rolling without swamping my company's resources?

Who Should Attend

The ideas and concepts discussed in this session will be relevant to Senior and Mid-Level Executives in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Production Strategy
  • Supply Chain
  • Operations Management
About Our Speaker(s)

Robert Sabath | Supply Chain SpeakerRobert Sabath
Robert Sabath is a uniquely creative, outspoken, skeptical visionary. He has spent the last 30 years in the no man's land between sales/marketing and operations/supply chain, and, as such has become a pragmatist who works at the cutting-edge, yet occasionally sees the insights in old wives tales. Formerly the head of ... More info

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    Event Title: Transform from Operations Laggard to Operations Leader
    Presenter(s): Robert Sabath

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