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Overcoming Barriers to Continuous Improvement & Operational Excellence (MFG250G)

Presented by: Stefan DeVocht
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60 minutes
Event Description
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Learn a Process That Will Help You Address the Roadblocks to Process Improvement and Business Transformation

If you Google 'Barriers to Organizational Change,' apart from 1M9 hits, the first 2 pages of articles list the usual suspects: Inadequate Culture-shift planning, Lack of Employee Involvement, and Flawed Communication Strategies. Add to that: Unclear goals, mistaking change as a technical issue as opposed to a people issue, poor buy-in from middle management and the field/floor, lack of leadership and little management involvement, not seeing the enterprise as a single system, and the list goes on.

In this webinar by Stefan DeVocht, you will follow the story of one company that very successfully transformed itself, and in doing so overcame those barriers. Stefan will show the structures and processes this company created to complete its journey to 'world-class' with repeatedly winning industry awards to prove it. Along their journey the company evolved and matured those structures and processes and, in fact, effectively addressed each of those classic barriers. This transformation ultimately is not a story of the brawn of ‘The Celebrity Executive' but of the effectiveness of (a transformational) process and of continually improving that process.

Webinar topic and key learning points of the webinar:

  • A framework exists to address classic barriers to business transformation.
    • One company in California created a process (a transformation engine) that effectively addressed the classical roadblocks to process improvement and business transformation
    • Success in transforming one dimension (e.g. IT) of the enterprise is highly dependent on willingness to transform all others (i.e. HR, Ops, etc.)
    • A willingness to transform is best expressed as a culture change
    • In fact the framework produces a roadmap to transform all dimensions of the enterprise as part of one single transformation journey;
    • Transformation is not a random journey, of which the outcome is determined by a number of independent projects, almost like an Ouija board where the fingers of HR, IT and operations collectively are pushing in some mysterious direction. HR, IT, and Ops cannot each do improvement projects independently and hope to
  • Transformation not limited to Operational Excellence.
    • Barriers are difficult to address if the reach of change is not comprehensive and is limited to Ops Excellence (E.g. Managing the Enterprise is not included) ,
    • Barriers can be better addressed in the larger framework of enterprise transformation and by a single 'transformation engine';
    • We tell (the actual story of) how a transformation engine operates, we show how it addresses all the barriers, and we show how you can get your organization to commit to building one
  • Transformation programs need a compelling reason to change, but agreeing on such a compelling reason is different from creating a ‘Kotter sense of urgency.'
    • We recommend that sustainability along a number of axes or dimensions of the framework are measured, and that non-sustainability of the enterprise is a compelling reason to change
  • Transformation programs need a philosophy to guide it. E.g. Toyota or Apple
  • Deliberate Change by Process differs from Change by way of ‘Celebrity Executive'
    • Celebrity executives are not typically selected for fit with culture or fit with transformation strategy, but are more likely hired to replicate past achievements. The approach has merits but is not compatible with a deliberate transformation
    • Two cases will be discussed

The webinar will help you understand:

  • Description of the framework
  • Description of the Transformation engine
  • The importance of accountability
  • Accountability Mandatory (this is a sustainability issue)
  • Sustainability as a KPI: Sustainability (or lack thereof) is perhaps the key measure that creates urgency and the compelling reason to change (and also to improve)

Who should attend

  • Industries include: manufacturing, chemicals, logistics, polymers, bio-manufacturing, and distillery manufacturers.
  • Professionals in small & medium scale manufacturing enterprises, logistics, distribution etc.
  • Change management professionals, project managers, business transformation and excellence.
  • C-Suite executives and other leaders responsible for ‘Managing the Enterprise'; this would include strategic planners and economists
  • Business Architects called upon to rethink the enterprise
  • Leaders of Change Management Organizations
  • Center of Excellence Directors
  • Managers of LSS practices, who want to put processes in place that avoid or overcome the barriers
  • CIOs who are expected to build a world class IT organization
  • MRO Buyer
About Our Speaker(s)

Stefan DeVocht | Enterprise Architecture SpeakerStefan DeVocht
Mr. DeVocht (Chief Transformation Officer) is a management consultant with 26 years of experience in the use of enterprise architecture to deliver enterprise modernization projects for both the Federal Government and large private enterprises. He's a specialist in modernizing corporate governance processes: strategic p... More info

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    Event Title: Overcoming Barriers to Continuous Improvement & Operational Excellence
    Presenter(s): Stefan DeVocht

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