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Modernizing Industry: Applying Control Theory to Business (MFG640B)

Presented by: Peter G. Martin, PhD
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Tue, June 17, 2014
Event Description

How are you going to manage the Conundrum of Real-time Variability, Driving Greater Profits from Industrial Businesses?

Over the past decade, industrial business is increasing in rapid speed. Business variables like the price of electricity, gas and raw materials and production value of various products have transitioned from high-stability over many months to near real-time variability. This transition has presented a conundrum to industrial executives. Traditional management approaches and the separation between transactional business systems and real-time automation systems are becoming obsolete for meeting the rigors of real-time business variability. This presentation by Peter G. Martin, Ph.D. will explain how to apply control theory to business variables just like process control has been applied within industrial operations. The presentation holds the key to solving this conundrum and would help you learn how to drive greater levels of profitability from industrial businesses.

Session Highlights:

  • This program will provide an explanation on how and why the business of industry has transitioned to real-time variability.
  • Learn how to measure the real-time business variables in real-time.
  • Know how to use real-time business measures and real-time key performance indicators to empower every person in the operation to make good operational and business decisions.
  • The program will help you build an effective real-time feedback control system for real-time business variables and explain how to affect business control by cascading the business control outputs to the process control systems.
  • Understand how a real-time business control system works within safety and environmental constraints.

Who Should Attend

  • Operations Management and professionals
  • Plant Management
  • VP of Engineering
  • Engineering professionals
  • CFO, VP of Finance, accounting professionals
  • Maintenance professionals
  • Quality professionals
  • Business process consultants – Business Transformation Manager/Director/Head
  • Professionals from Business Excellence
  • Sales management and professionals
About Our Speaker(s)

Peter G. Martin, Manufacturing Excellence Training ExpertPeter G. Martin PhD
Dr. Martin joined The Foxboro Company in the 1970’s and has worked in a variety of positions in training, engineering, product planning, marketing and strategic planning. He left Foxboro to become Vice President at Intech Controls and also at Automation Research Corporation before returning to Invensys in 1996. S... More info

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    Event Title: Modernizing Industry: Applying Control Theory to Business
    Presenter(s): Peter G. Martin, PhD

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