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ISO 9004:2018 for Overwhelming Competitive Advantage (MFG818D)

Presented by: William A. Levinson, P.E.
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
Event Description

Take Advantage of ISO 9004:2018's Game-Changing New Clauses to Succeed in Any Industry

ISO 9004:2018’s new clauses lay emphasis on certain factors that can confer an overwhelming competitive advantage on organizations that apply them successfully. It’s the newest revision of ISO 9004, and much of its content includes generally accepted practices for achieving and sustaining organizational excellence. Are you up to date with the new features? And does your organization know how to take advantage of these game-changing features to outshine and outperform your competitors?

A brief background: ISO 9004:2018, "Quality Management—Quality of an Organization—Guidance to Achieve Sustained Success" is a significant expansion on the previous version, ISO 9004. Among the most significant changes involve the concept of the quality of an organization – which includes inherent characteristics of the organization that convey a decisive competitive advantage. ISO 9004:2018 standard is beneficial for almost every organization – irrespective of your industry type and size.

The quality of an organization includes its organizational identity, of which culture or a shared set of values and expectations plays a central role. Empowerment and engagement of the workforce are vital cultural aspects that can deliver world-class performance. In this webinar, industry veteran William Levinson will show you how these characteristics can and have been acquired.

Levinson will explain the structure and major sections of ISO 9004:2018 (4 through 11), including its new and relatively unique clauses that support organizational excellence. You will learn about the factors that confer an overwhelming competitive advantage on any organization that applies them successfully – such as quality, identity, and the context of the organization, as well as needs and expectations of interested parties, empowerment and engagement of workers, and the process approach. You will also learn about the other major provisions, and some off-the-shelf methods, for deploying them. You will also receive a pdf copy of the slides and accompanying notes, including references and additional sources of information.

After attending this information-packed session, you will know what to expect when you or your organization purchases ISO 9004:2018 and, more importantly, the significant new and relatively unique clauses your organization can use to achieve competitive advantage – through unity of purpose, stakeholder buy-in and commitment, and empowerment and engagement of your workforce. Plus, you will be familiar with some often-overlooked risks and opportunities related to technology, organizational culture, and supply chain issues.

Session Highlights

Some of the topics Levinson will cover include:

  • Overview of the structure of ISO 9004:2018 by sections.
  • Clause 4.1, "Quality of an organization." These characteristics include, perhaps most significantly, the organizational identity cited in Section 6 as well as buy-in and engagement by the workforce and other relevant interested parties.
  • Section 5, context of the organization, and needs and expectations of interested parties. Henry Ford made it clear (My Life and Work, 1922) that "The producer depends for his prosperity upon serving the people."
  • Clause 5.3.1 on external issues, with particular focus on the supply chain (which is not mentioned explicitly until clause 9.6 (e)) and technological change, for which clause 9.4 provides more detail.
  • Identity of an organization (Section 6) – one of the most important new features. It includes the organization's vision, mission, values, and culture.
  • Culture – it must include commitment and empowerment, which are prerequisites for employee engagement. Clause 9.2, People, focuses on competence (a prerequisite for empowerment), motivation, empowerment, and engagement of the workforce.
  • Leadership (Section 7) is an indispensable aspect of building a world-class organizational identity. Leaders must earn the workforce's buy-in and commitment, which are prerequisites for empowerment (clause 9.2.3) and engagement (9.2.2).
  • Much of the rest of ISO 9004:2018 is consistent with ISO 9001:2015, and also with generally-accepted practices such as the SIPOC (Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer) model, with "sources of inputs" replacing "suppliers" and "receivers of outputs" replacing "customers."

Who Should Attend

Managers and others responsible for an ISO 9001 business management system, and a desire to go beyond the requirements of ISO 9001 to achieve world-class performance


About Our Speaker(s)

William A. Levinson | Quality and Productivity Management SpeakerWilliam A. Levinson P.E.
William A. Levinson, P.E., is the principal of Levinson Productivity Systems, P.C. He is an ASQ Fellow, Certified Quality Engineer, Quality Auditor, Quality Manager, Reliability Engineer, and Six Sigma Black Belt. He is also the author of several books on quality, productivity, and management, of which the most recent ... More info

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    Event Title: ISO 9004:2018 for Overwhelming Competitive Advantage
    Presenter(s): William A. Levinson, P.E.

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