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Beyond Documentation: ISO 9001 for Quality Safety Solutions (MFG662J)

Presented by: Cecilia Wandiga
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60 minutes
  •  Thu, June 23, 2016
Event Description
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Promote Preventive Risk-Based Thinking in Your Business with the New ISO 9001 Standards

A new era of business as a community leader is emerging. Efficiency, effectiveness and brand recognition are no longer enough. Successful businesses are the buzz because they add value and pleasure to the lives of others. ISO 9001 provides your business with a structured approach for ensuring your business quality leads to increased satisfaction and delight.

Customer complaints, not to mention litigation, are the bane of existence for every business and product line. The new ISO 9001 standard promotes preventive risk-based thinking. This means process documentation is no longer enough. Business must now identify hazards (potential for harm) and demonstrate safety measures are in place to reduce the risk (probability of harm) caused by a product or process hazard.

No one mind or business team can fully anticipate the potential impact from the perspective of the customer or stakeholder. Integrating customer feedback into the Check portion of your PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle enables you to develop a more robust system for systemic governance, regulatory compliance, stakeholder management, quality improvement and customer responsiveness. Even if you do not have or are not required to develop a formal risk management program, strategically anticipating how to avoid problems improves the quality of your performance and your business.

This session by expert speaker Cecilia Wandiga will help you understand how you can promote preventive risk-based thinking in your business with the new ISO 9001 standards. Cecilia will share examples from consumer safety regulations and standards to drive home her lessons.

Session Highlights:

  • Understand and Identify your risks (products vs process)
  • Reduce the probability of negative results
  • Define quality based on satisfaction, not just defect reduction
  • Make risk prevention a customer service standard
  • Develop a Human kindness and Caring culture for quality improvement

Who Should Attend

  • Business Executives
  • Quality Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Process Owners
  • Change Management Specialists
About Our Speaker(s)

Cecilia Wandiga | Sustainability Problems and Solutions SpeakerCecilia Wandiga
Cecilia Wandiga has over 20 years of experience advising business owners and executives about how to improve performance. In 2005 she began exploring ways to integrate sustainability principles such as the Triple Bottom line (people, planet, profits) into daily operations management. Sustainability is an exciting “fi... More info

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    Event Title: Beyond Documentation: ISO 9001 for Quality Safety Solutions
    Presenter(s): Cecilia Wandiga

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