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EHS Report Management and Incident Investigation (MFG561T)

Presented by: Natalia Olive
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60 minutes
  •  Tue, May 17, 2016
Event Description
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Get Practical Solutions for EHS Reporting and How it Works in Real Life Situations

Why do “accidents” happen? Companies struggle to understand incidents, especially when a robust EHS reporting and incident investigation system is not in place. Most often, incidents are addressed at a superficial level, addressing only the immediate cause. Surprisingly, too many EHS professionals consider “human error” to be a valid cause.

Each occurrence that results in loss of property, human injury or illness or impact to the environment, is usually a result of multiple causes. When examined carefully, all incidents lead to lessons learned and actions to minimize hazards by addressing the event’s various root causes.

In this session expert speaker Natalia Olive will cover the basic data compilation that is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation, and the various techniques possible to uncover the root causes of an incident. The course will also cover best practices in EHS report management, such as the use of integrated database systems, and how to ensure data quality.

Session Highlights:

In this program, you’ll learn about:

  • The anatomy of an EHS report:
    • How best to compile information
    • What information is critical, and when to gather and how best to document it
    • Conducting interviews to maximize useful information
    • Best practices in documenting EHS reports
  • Best practices in documenting EHS reports
  • Techniques to determine root causes
  • Best practices in corrective and preventive actions
  • Case studies, how EHS reporting works in practical situations
  • Incident Investigation:
    • How to prioritize cases to investigate
    • Review of techniques for incident investigation, and their relative pros and cons
    • Setting up an effective action plan

Who Should Attend

  • EHS staff in Manufacturing industries
  • Occupational Health staff in Manufacturing industries
  • Healthcare professionals in Manufacturing Units
  • Business owners of Manufacturing industries
  • Team Leads, Supervisors or Managers, especially in manufacturing industries
About Our Speaker(s)

Natalia Olive | Environmental Health & Safety SpeakerNatalia Olive
Natalia Olive is an environmental, health and safety professional with over 17 years of international experience. Her strong focus on people and program management is combined with a wide range of technical components. She holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Techn... More info

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    Event Title: EHS Report Management and Incident Investigation
    Presenter(s): Natalia Olive

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