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Continuous (One Piece) Flow Is the Goal but What Do You Do When It Does not Work (MFGO63G)

Presented by: Rick Reed
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60 minutes
Event Description
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Learn how to deal with a process that will simply not accept one piece flow!

Achieving one-piece flow helps manufacturers achieve true just-in-time manufacturing. That is, the right parts can be made available when they are needed in the quantity they are needed. In the simplest of terms, one-piece flow means that parts are moved through operations from step-to-step with no WIP in between either one piece at a time or a small batch at a time. This system works best in combination with a cellular layout in which all necessary equipment is located within a cell in the sequence in which it is used. While many are familiar with the terminology, there is still a significant amount of confusion regarding what one piece flow means and, more importantly, how to achieve it.

As lean “experts” our goal is to implement continuous (one piece) flow in our processes. Many times we struggle to get there. We get close, but the “carrot” eludes us. Are we then failures at lean? No, we are not failures, but we do have to accept the fact that there are processes that will not lend themselves to a true continuous flow.

Join expert speaker Rick Reed in this session, which will take attendees through expert strategies on successfully implementing Continuous (One Piece) Flow in their manufacturing process. During the session, you will learn how to make the most of your throughput to reduce waiting and waste. Rick will also give pointers on how to improve quality and delivery performance thereby increasing customer and employee satisfaction which will in turn present you with more sales opportunities.

Session Highlights:

  • What is continuous flow, really?
  • Why “batching” is sometimes necessary?
  • The use of buffering a process
  • What is “right” piece flow?

Handouts & Tools

  • 10 piece check sheet
  • WIP calculation sheet
  • ‘U’ Shaped Cell
  • Point of Use Storage

Benefits of the Session

  • Improve throughput
  • Reduce waiting and waste
  • Improve quality and delivery performance
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction
  • Increase sales opportunities

Who Should Attend

Companies that should attend:

  • Any company that struggles with process flow systems
  • Company that have a system that does not work or just needs to get better.

People that should attend:

  • Lean/Continuous Improvement Directors/Managers
  • Quality Directors/Managers
  • Production Managers/Supervisors
About Our Speaker(s)

Rick Reed | Lean Manufacturing SpeakerRick Reed
Rick Reed is a certified Lean Master, Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, MasterTrainer and Shainin Red X Journeyman. He has written and taught over a hundred training modules on Lean, Six Sigma, Problem Solving, Quality and Team Building. Rick has spoken at numerous seminars and conferences including SME, IndustryW... More info

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    Event Title: Continuous (One Piece) Flow Is the Goal but What Do You Do When It Does not Work
    Presenter(s): Rick Reed

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