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Make a Smooth Transition From Tech Geek To Effective Manager

Presented by: Gary Heerkens
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Pre Recorded Audio Conference
60 minutes
  •  Wed, June 22, 2011
Event Description

The role of a technical expert is challenging, to say the least...

But what happens when you must step out of your comfort zone and manage a team, in addition to your jam-packed schedule? Chaos is sure to ensue, right? WRONG! Join recognized project management expert, Gary R. Heerkens as he breaks it down and lets you in on the secrets of what to expect when making the move. This interactive, 60-minute audioconference reveals what makes the switch from technical expert to formal corporate management so difficult, and reveals tips for making the transition easier and more effective. Even if you are not planning on moving into management, a time will come when you may not have a choice. Find out what you need to know now and get ahead of the game!

How the worlds of the technical expert and the corporate leader differ.

  • 5 Strengths every technical expert posses and how to make them work for you.
  • Hidden dangers: discover why prior education and training may actually be hurting you.
  • Watch your step! Three obscure traps to be on the lookout for as you transition.
  • Are you asking to fail? These personality characteristics and personal preferences can crash your career if you aren't careful.
  • Growing and changing, understanding the process of self-development.
  • Is this the right move for me? Questions to consider and when to say no.
  • 8 things every transitioning technical expert should focus on.
  • Experience is a good thing...right? Why previous job experiences may actually be holding you back.
  • And much more!
About Our Speaker(s)

Gary Heerkens
Gary R. Heerkens, PMP, CPM, CBM, PE is the president of Management Solutions Group, a company specializing in providing innovative project management educational solutions and enterprise-wide project management developmental support. Heerkens previously spent over 20 years managing a variety of projects for the Eastman... More info

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    Event Title: Make a Smooth Transition From Tech Geek To Effective Manager
    Presenter(s): Gary Heerkens

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