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Younger Generation Managers Leading Long Term Employees (HRMD42W)

Presented by: Judi Clements
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Pre Recorded Audio Conference
60 minutes
  •  Thu, December 4, 2014
Event Description
1 Credit

Young Managers are Increasingly Grappling with Generational Difference in their Work Force. Here's How You Can Bridge the Gaps

In a diverse workforce, it is not uncommon for young managers to take on new assignments that involve managing teams of experienced employees that have been on the job or in the field longer than themselves. These managers may be intimidated by the years of experience these employees bring to the job, or they may feel their employees are too set in their ways and are not open to change.

In this LIVE audio conference, Judi Clements will help younger generation managers acquire the tools to work more effectively with seasoned employees in a way that fosters mutual respect and helps each generation learn to leverage one another's strengths.

You'll learn to:

  • Distinguish between the various generations in the workplace
  • Embrace the principle of Generational Tolerance
  • Identify each generation's work style, values, and motivators
  • Pinpoint key areas of generational differences
  • Determine how to establish your managerial credibility with older workers
  • Prevent and deal with intergenerational conflict
  • Utilize intergenerational differences to build a stronger work team

Why attend

The information and tips you will derive in this conference will enable new managers to lead and manage experienced employees with an empowering style that fosters creative thinking and engaged decision making.

Who should attend

Senior HR Professionals, HR Analysts, HR Managers & Directors, HR Personnel, Employee Relations Professionals, Directors, Vice Presidents, Managers, Shift Leaders, and All Employees

About Our Speaker(s)

Judi Clements | Management Training SpeakerJudi Clements
Judi Clements, President of Judi Clements Training & Development, in Clifton Park, NY, is a veteran training professional who offers training, coaching and keynotes in the areas of management, communication, professional development, and customer service. Judi is a frequently sought after conference speaker who offers ... More info

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    Event Title: Younger Generation Managers Leading Long Term Employees
    Presenter(s): Judi Clements

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