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Prioritizing Workplace Risks (HRM240C)

Presented by: Brent Altemose
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90 minutes
  •  Tue, February 4, 2014
Event Description



Learn To Rank Risks By Using Risk Matrix In The Workplace

Human perceptions of risk are notoriously inaccurate. For instance, we all know that our chances of dying in an airplane crash are far lower than our chances of dying in a car crash – yet, many of us fear the plane ride to a much greater extent. As safety professionals can attest, this is equally true in the workplace. Employees are willing to take many “chances” that expose them to unacceptable risk. But our organizations, management, and even safety professionals are also prone to misjudge risks, particularly after they become more familiar with the task or industry. This presentation will describe a strategy to more accurately and objectively assess and prioritize risks in the workplace, allowing you to better optimize your resources to address those risks.

This session by our expert speaker Brent Altemose, offers a strategy to objectively assess and prioritize risks in the workplace. The strategy utilizes a unique but straightforward risk matrix that incorporates cost/benefit concepts.

Session Highlights:

  • How and why risk in the workplace are often misperceived, even by seasoned professionals
  • The importance of using an unbiased approach to prioritizing risks
  • How to quickly create and use a robust, customized risk matrix to rank risks in your organization
  • How to balance the effectiveness and cost of proposed controls in prioritizing corrective measures for identified risks
  • How to use risk prioritization data to influence your organization and employees to take action to reduce risk

The speaker will answer your questions at the end of session to help you with the doubts and queries you may have.

Who should attend?

Anyone with responsibility for employee safety in their organization, including safety managers, human resource managers, facilities managers, plant managers, line supervision, etc.

About Our Speaker(s)

Brent Altemose, Hr Regulations ExpertBrent Altemose
Brent Altemose is the owner and principal consultant at SABRE Health & Safety, a consulting firm with offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Colorado. His expertise is a unique blend of safety, engineering, and industrial hygiene, drawing on 18 years of experience as a health & safety professional in the ... More info

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    Event Title: Prioritizing Workplace Risks
    Presenter(s): Brent Altemose

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