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Return on Investment with HR/Benefits Outsourcing - 2015 (HRM250J)

Presented by: Rob J. Thurston
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60 minutes
Event Description
1 Credit

Understand the Pros and Cons of HR and Benefits Outsourcing in 2015. A Detailed Analysis on Determining ROI and Other Factors to Make an Informed Decision.

HR and Benefits professionals need to act like a business and cost justify any changes, use of outside providers or to outsource their functions. But how do you know what the future of Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) and Outsourcing will be?

Rob J Thurston, a nationally recognized HR/Benefits consulting expert shares his thoughts on the subject. This is what he predicts for 2015 and beyond:

  • All HR and Benefits Applications will be Mobile Phone enabled and all data will be stored on the ';Cloud'/back-end systems will become the 'workhorse' of HRMS in the next 5 years.
  • For the next five years, using only one type of online Internet technology might not be the best solution for your company. In fact, state-of-the-art technology has become a constantly moving target, and just when you think you have the latest and greatest, it's devastating to realize you don't have it at all. Obsolescence is a fact of life, and it will usually occur right after you have implemented a new system.
  • Careful Selection of an Outsourcer will be based on value - not just price.
  • Speedy decisions will be 'risky' in HRMS and Outsourcing.
  • The fastest growth area and greatest value for HRMS will be in Employee Self Service and ';App' technology.
  • HRMS decisions in the next five to ten years will focus on the ';Law of Sunk Costs.'

Over the next few years newer trends will cause HR and Benefits professionals to reinvent the tactics they employ with regards to technology. Although the year 2020 sounds far off, companies must prepare now to effectively implement new technology. Management will demand that HR and Benefits evaluate the need, timing and costs of new technology. Management will demand more mobile phone technology and instant data analysis.

HR and Benefits professionals need to manage decisions like management does. They should be able to manage by profitability and by ROI. One problem is that we are constantly bombarded by this need for speed -- by what is in vogue; by the 'flavor of the month'. The latest and greatest flavor as applied to HR technology solutions will probably not taste good in the near term future. Over the past few years, some of us have been preaching the same general sermon: to succeed in HR and Benefits, there has to be a Return on Investment (ROI).

This presentation by expert speaker Rob J Thurston will show you the pros and cons of outsourcing. A case study will be examined and a Cost Benefit Analysis to determine Return on Investment will be provided. You will understand the process of evaluating outsources and how to do a request for information Vs a RFP. You will also be provided with two white papers.

Session Highlights:

  • Why Outsourcing must be considered in 2015?
  • What HR and Benefits systems and services can be outsourced?
  • What do surveys by major consulting firms show about outsourcing?
  • How to determine Return on Investment and what is Sunk Cost?
  • How to do a Request for Information versus RFP?

Who Should Attend

VP- Human Resources, Benefits Managers, Sr. Financial Officers, Insurance Agents and Brokers

About Our Speaker(s)

Rob J Thurston | Human Resources & Employee SpeakerRob J. Thurston
Rob J. Thurston is the President of HR Consulting Group, Inc., among the top 25 HR and benefits consulting firm according to Employee Benefit News. He has spoken at more than 200 conferences on HSAs, benefits and human resources. Rob was inducted in the HR/Benefits Hall of Fame in July 2015 at thy Wynn Hotel in Las Veg... More info

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    Event Title: Return on Investment with HR/Benefits Outsourcing - 2015
    Presenter(s): Rob J. Thurston

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