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Prescriptions and Medical Marijuana in the Workplace (HRMD42X)

Presented by: Susan Fahey Desmond
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Pre Recorded Audio Conference
90 minutes
  •  Wed, December 17, 2014
Event Description
1.5 Credits

Clearing the Air on Prescription Drugs and Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

Americans are using prescription medications more than ever. For all of their benefits, many of the prescription drugs have addictive qualities and are subject to abuse, for instance marijuana. Even when used properly, those under the influence of some types of prescriptive medications are highly susceptible to accidents. As an employer you must have an answer to these questions. When can an employer require an employee to disclose his/her medications and what an employer needs to do? 

We all have medical issues from time to time and sometime we need something over the counter or stronger that is prescribed by a physician. Though, the use of prescription drug is quite legal, the warning on the label always mentions not to operate heavy machinery while taking such medications. The risks are loud and clear.  So, when can you – as an employer – regulate something that might be completely legal?

To find the answer join Susan Fahey Desmond in this 90-minute riveting session, where she will shed light on the workplace issues both employers and employees need to consider regarding the use of prescription drugs such as medical marijuana in the workplace.

Topics covered in the session:

  • The most commonly prescribed medications that can be dangerous to use in the workplace
  • What are the commonly abused prescription medications
  • When can an employer ask an employee about prescription drug use
  • Find out about the growing use of marijuana as medication
  • Find out when is marijuana being prescribed as medication and when is it being use recreationally?  Should you care?
  • Insights on prescription/Marijuana use and the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Tightening your drug testing policies
  • How state lifestyle discrimination statutes can protect marijuana use

Ask a question at the Q&A session following the live event and get advice pertaining to the conference from our expert speaker.

Who should attend

Risk managers, human resource professionals, supervisors, workers’ compensation professionals

About Our Speaker(s)

Susan Fahey Desmond | labor and employment law SpeakerSusan Fahey Desmond
Susan Fahey Desmond is a partner with Jackson Lewis, LLP, which has offices in over 54 cities across the United States. She has been representing management in all aspects of labor in employment law since 1985. She is listed in Best Lawyers in America and has been named by Chamber USA as one of America’s Leading Busi... More info

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