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Managing Generation X: Getting the Most From Your Young Talent

Presented by: John Ansbach
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Pre Recorded Audio Conference
60 minutes
  •  Mon, April 18, 2011
Event Description



For the first time in American history, four different generations are working under one roof.

You`ve undoubtedly noticed the generational diversity among their respective values, demands, and preferences.   John Ansbach has uncovered  the contributing factors that built 1/3 of your employees into the workers they are today.  The Gen X`ers of your staff pose unique challenges to your management approach.  Mold them into your key players with this enlightening program on managing, training, motivating and leading Generation X. 

Inspiring and practical, Managing Generation X is a thorough overview of Generation X`s history from early upbringing to adulthood.  The founder of Generational Consulting Group, John Ansbach works with clients as a professional speaker, consultant, trainer, and facilitator.  Managing Generation X will teach you how to unlock the potential of your Gen X stars.

Here`s some of what you`ll learn in this lively, eye-opening conference:

  • What are the seminal events that shaped these employees?  Learn how their journey through history has affected  their work behavior.
  • The Bottom Line Attitude.  Why your Gen Xer`s are growing tired of experience management.
  • Latchkey Kids are all grown up now.  How does this affect your organization?  Learn to make this phenomenon work for you!
  • And much more!

Plus: Get a chance to ask your own questions on getting the most from your young talent in an interactive Q & A session.

About Our Speaker(s)

John Ansbach, Employment Laws ExpertJohn Ansbach
John Ansbach is a nationally recognized speaker, facilitator and consultant. He is the President and Founder of the Generational Consulting Group, a generational dynamics consulting services firm based in Dallas, Texas. He is also the Vice President of RECON Intelligence Services (a real estate consulting firm), a visi... More info

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    Event Title: Managing Generation X: Getting the Most From Your Young Talent
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