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Legal Documentation Techniques: If It Wasn't Documented It Didn't Happen (HRM551X)

Presented by: Judi Clements
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60 minutes
  •  Tue, May 19, 2015
Event Description
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1.0 Credit

Know How To Analyze and Legally Document Poor Work Performance & Help Employees Turn It Around

In our litigious society, it has become more and more important for supervisors to know how to document and discipline employees to avoid law suits and manage employee performance effectively.

What we do with our employees if we don't write it down? Well, according to a court of law what our employees did didn't happen at all. Correct documentation is absolutely essential for keeping our organization safe, our personnel safe, and for effective performance management.

Employees do best with a healthy foundation consisting of: accountability, clear expectations, and respectful relationships. However, supervisors should never let poor work go unnoticed. Does the employee know his work is unsatisfactory? Does he know how to do the job? Are there obstacles beyond his control? It's important for the supervisors to address such issues for the employee, provide tangible support and feedbacks, remove obstacles, and train them if required. However, they need to make their stance clear to nip poor performance in the bud.

In this program, expert speaker Judi Clements will give managers a "crash course" in safe, legal, and effective disciplinary practices and documentation. She'll help you learn how to separate poor performance from poor attitude, counsel employees, and write performance improvement plans. Judi will also show you how to keep a legal performance log to document both good and substandard performance. Plus, you'll learn how to implement discipline with confidence and accuracy.

Areas covered in the topic

  • Analyzing poor work performance & help employees turn it around
  • Avoiding the negative consequences of inadequate documentation & discipline
  • Utilizing the range of disciplinary options.
  • Responding quickly and appropriately to common disciplinary infractions
  • Keeping a legal Performance Log
  • Distinguishing between subjective and objective documentation
  • Working with employees to develop Performance Improvement Plans
  • How to write a performance improvement plan
  • Filling out formal HR disciplinary paperwork
  • Protecting yourself and your organization from legal landmines

Who should attend?
Managers, Supervisors, Leaders, Human Resource Professionals, Shift Leaders

About Our Speaker(s)

Judi Clements | Management Training SpeakerJudi Clements
Judi Clements, President of Judi Clements Training & Development, in Clifton Park, NY, is a veteran training professional who offers training, coaching and keynotes in the areas of management, communication, professional development, and customer service. Judi is a frequently sought after conference speaker who offers ... More info

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    Event Title: Legal Documentation Techniques: If It Wasn't Documented It Didn't Happen
    Presenter(s): Judi Clements

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