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Taking Care of Business and Working Overtime: Travel Time, Training Time, On-Call Time and Smart Phone Usage Cases (HRM250T)

Presented by: Mark Tabakman
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Pre Recorded Audio Conference
90 minutes
  •  Thu, February 12, 2015
Event Description
1.5 Credits

Learn How to Overcome the Challenges in Calculating "Working Overtime" and Recognize and Prevent Potential Legal Exposure Under FLSA!

Nowadays, there has been a dramatic increase in class action lawsuits and DOL inspections, most of which are started by a single employee. And if, there are employees doing the same kind of work as the single employee, the scope of inquiry and possible exposure will rise almost exponentially. On allegations involving unpaid "working time," employers are often caught unawares because they do not have a strong sense of when certain pre-shift and post-shift activities may rise to the level of working time.

Though an employer does not need to know all the legal nuances involved in these matters, they must know the "art" of recognizing when such issues (and possible exposures) may be present, and how they can be rectified before real trouble arises. This webinar by expert speaker Mark Tabakman will teach you that "art," analyze problem areas, and suggest proactive, strategic protocols and policies to address these issues.

You will learn when certain preliminary and postliminary functions-functions undertaken before or after work-can possibly be classified as compensable working time. You will get access to a virtual "law book" written in an easy-to-read style to provide employers and HR professionals with a basic understanding of what the flashpoint issues are and when they may become presenting problems. Attendees will get practical advice accompanied by just enough legalities analysis to ensure that they will be able to spot problem areas and know how to fix them.

Training Objective

This session will examine the following areas where calculating overtime is mostly a challenge:

  • Travel Time
  • Training Time
  • On-Call Time
  • Class Actions
  • PDA/Email Cases under the FLSA

Who should attend

  • Business Owners
  • HR Professionals
  • In-House Counsel
  • Upper Management
  • Operations Supervisors/Managers
About Our Speaker(s)

Mark Tabakman | Employment Laws SpeakerMark Tabakman
Mark is a labor and employment lawyer at Fox Rothschild, LLP who handles both union and non-union matters for employers across the country. He counsels human resource professionals and in-house counsel in complying with the myriad federal/state employment laws to provide creative, practical and cost-effective solutions... More info

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    Event Title: Taking Care of Business and Working Overtime: Travel Time, Training Time, On-Call Time and Smart Phone Usage Cases
    Presenter(s): Mark Tabakman

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