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Off Boarding: How to Prepare for Your Retiring Baby Boomers (HRM879D)

Presented by: Carol Hacker
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60 minutes
  •  Wed, August 30, 2017
Event Description
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The Keys to Making Off-Boarding a Positive Experience for Your Retirees

Are you missing out on the benefits of off-boarding your retirees during the final piece of the employment cycle?  This is a door through which we will all someday step.  Sadly, too often employees retire with a feeling of “is that all there is?”  It seems as though something was missed and it was, and continues to be, in most off-boarding scenarios.

Most organization focus on bringing people in rather than helping them ease out of them. While entire departments are created to interview, screen, hire and recruit candidates, companies seldom give more thought to employees nearing retirement. This sort of approach leads to organizations losing good talent from the baby boomer generation and your job is to avoid this from happening.

Off-boarding is the strategic process of transitioning your retirees from your organization into retirement. Unfortunately, the typical off-boarding process often includes a whirlwind of project wrap-ups, tons of paperwork, uncomfortable exit interviews and a hasty farewell. If that process sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone.

At present, Baby Boomers hold a third of the entire jobs and more than half of leadership positions, a significant brain drain is likely to happen due to their exits. As you prepare for a mass exodus of experience, skills and talent, are you also preparing for off-boarding your soon-to-be former employees? It’s time to pass the torch as baby boomers inevitably make the decision to retire. These are the employees who were born in the post-WWII era up to 1964. They are beginning to wind down their careers. The impact of the Baby Boomers’ retirement is significant in a multitude of ways.

This webinar by expert speaker Carol Hacker will ensure you that off-boarding of retirees take place in your organization without a hitch. You’ll learn how to apply actionable feedback to ensure growth and improvement for the health and well-being of your organization. Carol will also provide you with a sample checklist for communication with departing retirees to help you make their exit a positive, respectful experience.

Session Highlights

  • Provide an off-boarding process that is as comprehensive as your on-boarding process
  • Decide on the first steps for transferring the knowledge from retirees to their successors
  • Identify the benefits of off-boarding and understand that exit interviews are just the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to your responsibilities as a manager or supervisor
  • Make sure you cover all the bases with your off-boarding checklist
  • Assist retirees who have plans for “encore” careers
  • Keep boomers on as subcontractors as they transition from live-to-work into a work-to-live retirement lifestyle
  • Use technology to encourage retirees to mentor their replacements and work “side by side” via screen sharing or video conferencing.
  • Improve the likelihood that former employees will always represent your brand and become evangelists for your business

Who Should Attend

  • HR Managers & Directors
  • Employee Relations Professionals
  • Business owners
  • HR Executives Responsible for off-boarding
About Our Speaker(s)

Carol Hacker | Human Resources management  SpeakerCarol Hacker
Carol Hacker is the former director of human resources for the North American division of a European manufacturer, employee relations manager for the Miller Brewing Company, and County Office Director for the U.S. Department of Labor. Headquartered in Atlanta, Carol has been the president and CEO of Hacker & Associates... More info

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    Event Title: Off Boarding: How to Prepare for Your Retiring Baby Boomers
    Presenter(s): Carol Hacker

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