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HR Documentation: How to Document Employee Behavior and Performance Issues--From Hire to Fire and Retire (HRM852W)

Presented by: Natalie Ivey, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
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Pre Recorded Audio Conference
90 minutes
  •  Wed, August 5, 2015
Event Description
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1.5 Credits

Know How to Document Employee Behavior and Performance Issues from Hire to Fire and Retire

HR professionals are often heard complaining that "managers don't document" and yet they go ahead and terminate an employee. This is the time when HR puts its foot forward and points out that there is not any (or enough) documentation to do so - which, inevitably, leads to a great conflict between HR and managers. Lack of proper documentation not only creates friction, but it may also lead to discrimination claims and costly litigations. Why? Because "if it's not documented it never happened." The first and important part in the documentation process is to know and understand what to document and the rest revolves around getting supervisors and managers to document employee behavior and performance issues properly and accurately.

For example, do you and your managers know how to:

  • Document the interview of an applicant so that you can later show that your organization took the 'best match' without discrimination?
  • Document a harassment investigation to create a good defense?
  • Prepare termination and discipline documents to minimize the risks of Title VII and retaliation claims, and potential violation of other anti-discrimination laws?

HR documentation is filled with legal landmines in every turn, and only documentation can help minimize the risks of regulatory penalties and lawsuits. Join us for this informative audio session with expert speaker Natalie Ivey to get the best education for you and your HR team on documentation best practices.

Session Highlights:

This training program covers the hot spots in documentation. It provides tips for proper documentation procedures, as well as how your documentation can help protect your organization. In this informative audio conference, you'll learn the following:

  • How to create and document an applicant screening process to compare candidates 'apples to apples.'
  • How to document performance expectations right from the beginning.
  • How to properly document employee performance--and behavior issues to create a paper trail that minimizes organizational risk.
  • How to identify gaps between organizational policies and discipline documents.
  • How to create an easy-to-implement progressive discipline documentation process--and learn sample verbiage that is critical
  • Recognize the importance of clear, concise--and consequences in documentation
  • Understanding the basic framework of internal investigations documentation
  • Understanding compliance when letting older workers go - and why you need a 'waiver' document

Who Should Attend

  • HR Professionals
  • Senior HR Professionals
  • HR Managers & Directors
  • HR Personnel
  • Employee Relations Professionals
About Our Speaker(s)

Natalie Ivey | Professional Development Training SpeakerNatalie Ivey MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Natalie Ivey, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP is an HR consultant, professional speaker, author, and educator within the HR profession. She has more than two decades of leadership and HR management experience with Fortune 500 organizations and in working as a trusted advisor and consultant to business leaders both in the United St... More info

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    Event Title: HR Documentation: How to Document Employee Behavior and Performance Issues--From Hire to Fire and Retire
    Presenter(s): Natalie Ivey, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

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