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100 Ways to Go Beyond Retention: Keep Your Current Drivers Like Nobody Else


Don’t Let Turnover Costs Hurt Your Bottom Line

How much is driver turnover costing your company? On the whole, truck driver turnover costs the trucking industry millions of dollars every year, and no other industry experiences as large a percentage rate of employee turnover – with rates commonly in excess of 50 percent. A conservative estimate of the cost to replace a single lost driver exceeds $2,000 – and that figure doesn’t account for specialized carriers. You suffer tremendous turnover-associated costs, including costs of recruitment, office and clerical support, training, testing, down time of equipment, diminished productivity, and more.

Get field-tested ideas and best practices for reducing turnover from trucking industry expert Mark Dixon. He’ll present retention strategies you can use immediately, starting from the time of recruitment, orientation, and training, and carrying through to address challenges with your seasoned drivers. Learn how to identify your problem areas—whether it’s your pay rates, home-time issues, poor equipment, or management trouble—and gain time-proven solutions to those problems.

After attending this audio event, you will be armed with the knowledge and skills to better retain your valuable drivers and trucking personnel. Dixon will discuss 100 points that will keep many of your drivers from looking or going elsewhere. Discover what two years of industry research and development revealed about driver retention and turnover, including what successful companies are doing right—and what not-so-successful companies are doing wrong.

Session Highlights

Here is a taste of what you will uncover:

  • Take a critical look at why drivers leave – from low pay, ugly freight, home-time issues and poor support, to mistreatment by management and equipment issues.
  • Unearth the real reasons why drivers stay with a company (you may be surprised).
  • Consider 100 real-world points regarding driver turnover and retention, many of which aren’t so obvious and you probably haven’t thought of before.
  • Get expert practices for retaining valuable drivers, beginning at the time of recruitment.
  • Pinpoint your own company’s weak spots when it comes to keeping steady employment in your driver pool, and then learn strategies for fixing those issues.

Who Should Attend

  • Recruiters
  • Safety personnel
  • Operations personnel
  • Department heads
  • Any other professionals who are involved with recruiting, hiring, supervising, or retaining drivers

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