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A New Bioeconomy? How Industrial Hemp can improve the "State of the States"


Get An Understanding Of The New Industrial Hemp In The United States And Where Potential Marketplace Opportunities May Exist.

With the passage of the most recent "Farm Bill" in February 2014, there has been an explosion of state-based industrial hemp research and pilot programs. Section 7606 (Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research) defines industrial hemp as distinct and authorizes institutions of higher education or state agriculture departments to conduct research and pilot programs. By 2015, 27 states had passed laws authorizing hemp cultivation in accordance with the 2013 Farm Bill and nine states harvested industrial hemp crops by the end of the year. This marks one of the most significant shifts in US agriculture in 50 years' however, much of the knowledge of past hemp cultivation has faded and new technologies and approaches to farming have been introduced.

How did this rapid liberalization of state law come about? What does it mean for state economies? How will the various state markets develop? In this session our expert speaker Erik R Janus will explain the history of hemp cultivation in the United States and describe the more recent "hemp movement" and the sociopolitical factors that contributed to the current state of affairs. The major state-based industrial hemp regulatory programs will be summarized and compared, allowing potential market entrants to understand where opportunities may exist. The ability of industrial hemp the anchor the new sustainable "bioeconomy" and to contribute to state fiscal and general health will be explored.

This session will describe the nature and focus of the various ongoing state-based research and pilot hemp cultivation programs, in addition to reviewing the past history of hemp cultivation in the United States. The knowledge provided in the webinar will help businesses, investors and entrepreneurs understand the new industrial hemp in the United States and where potential marketplace opportunities may exist. In addition, it will help local, state and federal regulators as well as the public understand the importance of hemp cultivation to a new sustainable "bioeconomy."

Session Highlights:

  • What is the difference between hemp and cannabis? Why is it important?
  • The history of hemp cultivation in the United States will be described.
  • The current state of the US hemp market will be described.
  • Where are the major state programs? Where are they focusing?
  • A review of the current state-based regulatory programs will be provided.
  • Insights into research considerations and needs will be provided

Who should attend?

Small to moderate-sized businesses seeking to enter the industrial hemp market; investors of all sizes and entrepreneurs of all levels of experience seeking to gain more information about industrial hemp and the "bioeconomy"; local, state and federal regulators seeking information about state-based industrial hemp programs; members of the public seeking education about regulatory programs and business opportunities.


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