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Command Your Teams Respect

You’ve worked hard to master your position, now you need to establish your influence over the team.

Try these simple methods to increase your authority over team decisions:

  • Be pleasant and get along with everyone. Treat everyone exactly the same way, no matter who she is or her what status she holds with the company.
    Example: You should be as respectful of your teammate’s time and needs as you are of a superior’s.
  • Stay confident and in control. Always be prepared for a crisis on the team or in the workplace. Remain calm, and focus on immediate solutions rather than on what you would’ve done differently -- even if you anticipated the problem.
  • Don’t arrive late or keep others waiting. Courtesy begins with promptness during any meeting or appointment. Return phone calls and emails as soon as possible.
  • Plan ahead and organize your thoughts. Don’t waste your colleague’s time with chit chat when you could be planning your next project.
    Bottom Line: Treating your teammates with courtesy and respect is the smartest strategy you can employ if you want to elevate your position on the team.

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