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Be The Inspiration On Your Team

Rude or irritable teammates can be an extremely negative and distracting presence. The best way to inspire your team? Be a role model and exhibit warmth and friendliness. Use these tips to take charge of your emotions and become everyone’s favorite team player.

  • Show grace under pressure. If you remain calm and polite even when you’re stressed or when others mistreat you, your team will admire your self-control. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you took the high road.
  • Release negative emotions. Take time to vent and cool off in private if a teammate has angered you. Don’t approach her until your head is clear and you can deal with the situation in a productive manner.
  • Make small talk. Get to know your teammates better by chatting about their pets, favorite foods and so on. Then, create goodwill by asking how Fido’s doing or recommending restaurants they might enjoy.
  • Control your temper. Never raise your voice during a dispute with someone on your team. Rather, speak at your normal volume and lower the pitch of your voice so that he’ll have to listen to you.
  • Keep an open mind. When a teammate criticizes you, don’t automatically get defensive. Consider whether there’s any truth to her criticism instead. If her remarks are justified, mentally reframe them as opportunities for you to improve.
  • Cultivate high self-esteem. The more you value yourself, the less vulnerable you’ll be to criticism and others’ negativity. Visit for advice on how to raise your self-esteem

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