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Be An Effective Leader For Your Team

Do you have what it takes to lead your team to success? If you’re not sure, try these pointers from

Help them learn. Don’t just show your teammates how to do the tasks they need to complete -- coach them through the process. If they don’t learn how to do things on their own, they’ll never be able to make decisions or work on projects without your direct supervision.

You need to coach your teammates so that your team can grow as a whole.

Give good feedback. This includes both positive and negative feedback. Your teammates can never grow if they don’t know what they need to improve.

Afraid to give criticism? Start off by telling your teammate what she did really well, and then tell her what you think she needs to work on. Be polite and straightforward. She’ll appreciate the help.

Give them some space. When you delegate tasks, let your teammates handle it. That’s why you gave the tasks to them, right? Don’t butt in and give your opinions and advice unless your teammates ask you for it. As a leader, your teammates need to know that you’re confident in their skills and capabilities.

Be the team cheerleader. Who wants to be led by a pessimistic, negative coworker? Be a positive role model for your teammates. Get excited about new projects, be enthusiastic at team meetings, and always look for ways to put a positive spin on mishaps or problems that arise.

Ask for their opinions and ideas. Just because you’re the leader doesn’t mean that you are the only one who makes the decisions. Ask your teammates for their input, and make decisions as a group. When you can’t reach an agreement, then it’s time to step in and make the decisions.

Encourage your quiet teammates to contribute to team discussions, and never shoot anyone’s ideas down, even if you don’t agree with them. Respect everyone’s opinions, and they’ll be more likely to give them.


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