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Your Tough Teammate-Relations Problems -- Solved

Troublesome teammates can make you afraid to come in to work in the morning, but don’t worry -- we’ve got some strategies that you can use to keep their annoying habits at bay.

  • If you’ve got a teammate who overpowers the office with his loud phone conversations, put him in his place by walking over to his desk and quietly asking him to keep his voice down when he’s on the phone, says Robert M.Detman in “How to Deal With an Office Jerk.” If that doesn’t work, try giving him a taste of his own medicine by standing near his cubicle and talking on your cell phone loudly. He’ll get the idea.
  • Nothing can be more distracting than the coworker who hangs around your cubicle and talks your ear off. If you tell your coworker that you’ve got a deadline and he still won’t move on, try getting up while he’s talking and act like you’re heading to the bathroom or a meeting, Detman suggests. He’ll get the idea that he’s got to wrap his conversation up.
  • What about a teammate who steals your ideas and passes them off as his own? Chances are that this person doesn’t know the difference between a good idea and a bad idea, says Detman. This is probably why he keeps stealing yours. Try slipping in a really bad idea and let him steal that. He could stop his plundering when the idea fails him.
  • Have you got a teammate who blabs on and on, monopolizing your meetings? Try throwing him off guard by eliminating chairs in the meeting, Detman offers. He will be less comfortable, and therefore less likely to drone on and on.
  • Bullies don’t always go away after high school. But now that you’re a little older, you can stand up for yourself. Let him know that you’re not going to take his behavior. If you stand your ground, he’ll eventually leave you alone, says Detman.

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