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Maximize Your Teams Potential

Are you looking for ways to make your team more cohesive and more productive? Try these three steps to boost your team’s motivation and be the most effective team you can be, from Alan Fairweather’s article, “The 3 Secrets Of Team Motivation.”

1) “Spend some quality time.” Cohesiveness is critical in productive work teams, and the only way your team will become cohesive is for you and your teammates to get to know one another. Spend a couple of minutes during your coffee break to chat with your other teammates about how they’re doing, both on the job and at home.

You’ll not only build up a strong relationship, you’ll also get an idea of how your teammate is performing on the job and learn of any personal issues that might end up affecting your teammates’ work.

2) “Give feedback and coach.” Regular and useable feedback is essential to building your team’s productivity and quality of work. When you give good feedback to your teammates, you’re letting them know what they do especially well and what they could work on.
When you give your teammates positive feedback on a job well done, they feel more motivated to give their all on the next project that comes up. If you only focus on the things they do poorly and never inform them of their great work, they’ll begin to burn out and continuously under perform.

3) “Be a believer.” In his article, Fairweather talks about “Empowerment,” a motivational theory that started back in the 1980s. “Empowerment is about utilizing the knowledge, skill experience, and motivation power that’s already within your people,” Fairweather says.

Believe in the enormous amount of potential that each of your teammates possess, and let them know that you believe in their abilities.


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