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Beef Up Your Product Knowledge to Tailor Custom Solutions

If you want to satisfy your customers, increase your product knowledge. After all, your company’s goods and services are what customers are coming for in the first place.

Sometimes customers don’t really know what they need. When you have a firm understanding of your company’s products and services, you can then listen to your customers’ concerns, ask questions, gain insight to their needs and suggest the right product -- or combination of products -- to suit their particular situation.

Not sure what areas of product knowledge you should beef up on? Use this list as a starting point, modified from Shari Waters’ article "Benefits Of Product Knowledge":

Pricing structure. Understanding your products’ and services’ pricing structure will enable you to decode that information for your customers. Remember, cost is often a big factor in a customer’s buying decision.

Styles, colors or models available. Knowing your product line down to the details will enable you to tailor your customer’s purchase. For example, your customer may not know there are other color options available until you tell him.

Product distribution and delivery. Understanding how and when your company distributes and delivers your products will help you get products to your customers accurately and reliably. You’ll be able to say quickly, "We deliver only on Wednesdays and Fridays in your area; which of those two days works best for you?"

Servicing, warranty and repair information. Knowing your products’ service, warranty and repair information is crucial so you can pass this unsolicited information on to your customer. You have an obligation to inform your customer what your company will -- and will not -- replace or fix, and in what time frame.


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