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Set Your Service Soaring To New Heights

There’s nothing wrong with being a good customer service rep. Unless, of course, you’d rather excel at what you do.

So what’s the secret to surpassing status-quo customer service? Follow these tips from Drew Stevens’ article, "Customer Service Cures":

Plan ahead. "From answering a telephone, to making a call, to understanding the client and the issue, planning is the single most important part of service," says Stevens. Prepare yourself with your customer’s account before you make a call. You also have to understand how to jump from one call to the next successfully. Train yourself to focus on each customer and not get caught up emotionally in your calls.

Love what you do. "The secret to successful customer service representatives is that they absolutely, unequivocally love what they do," states Stevens. Go about your job with passion and a desire to solve your customer’s problems, and you’ll excel.

Be persistent. "Successful customer service representatives never say quit; they never stop answering questions, resolving issues and making clients happy," explains Stevens. Whether you have to get back to him at a later date or solicit your colleague’s help, don’t let a customer’s dilemma go unresolved. "The successful salesperson is someone who is still willing to go the distance even when fatigued or stumped, creating value, vision and viability for the prospective client who is yearning for a resolution," proclaims Stevens.

Smile. "Smiling creates enthusiastic client service," affirms Stevens. When you’re on the phone with customers, smile; they’ll hear it in your voice. Stevens suggests you keep a pocket mirror by your phone, so when you’re on calls with clients you can observe your facial expressions. When conversing on the telephone, "we recall 45 percent of the words and 55 percent of the tonality," references Stevens. Therefore, your customers really will hear you smile!

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