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Follow Up With Customers To Reinforce Satisfaction

You’ve helped an angry customer and solved his problem. But your service doesn’t end there. Like the icing on a cake, customer follow-up is essential for ultimate satisfaction.

When you follow up with your customer, you’re telling him that:

You care about his business.

You are genuinely concerned about his satisfaction.

You’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure that satisfaction.

But how do you make time to follow up with customers when you’ve got other urgent customer issues on your plate? Use these tips:

Plan to follow up with one or two customers each day. This will keep the burden light and ensure that you stay on top of your follow-up duties.

Create an email template that you can insert personalized customer information into easily. This will speed up the process for sending a follow-up correspondence.

Set aside a certain amount of time each day to follow up with customers and schedule it during light customer traffic periods. Fifteen minutes a day is worth sacrificing to maintain happy customers.


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