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If you truly want to service your customers’ needs, you need to make your reps accessible to them. Don’t alienate your customers by making them jump through hoops just to talk to someone.

Whether it’s a quick question or a major problem, there’s nothing more frustrating to a customer than not being able to speak with a live rep. Meanwhile, more and more organizations are streamlining their customer service divisions to automated systems, which are far less personal and much more frustrating.

So how can you make your service reps more accessible to your customers? Inventory each of these areas:

On the floor. When customers walk into your establishment, they don’t want to have to hunt down help. Make sure your reps are sitting or standing in a prominent location, ready and eager to assist customers.

On the phone. Make sure that if your company’s customer service line begins as an automated call, the customer doesn’t have to press more than two options to be able to speak with someone live. If your system requires more funneling, keep the 0 button programmed to reach a live rep directly.

On the Web. Check your company’s Web site and verify that contact information such as a phone numbers and addresses are easily accessible. If you offer customers the opportunity to submit an electronic message, make sure someone contacts them directly regarding their problem; don’t just rely on automated replies.


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