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Adjust Your Management Style For Highly Creative Employees

One of the difficult aspects of managing is that all of your employees are different, and many of them respond better to different management styles. If you supervise a group of highly creative people (that is, right-brain thinkers), there are a few things you can do to adjust your methods so they can fulfill their potentials.

Here are a few ways to manage right-brained thinkers in your office, according to

Give them flexible work spaces. Employees work better under different conditions; some may prefer peace and quiet while others need a constant flurry of activity to motivate them. Respect your employees’ work styles and give them the opportunity to fulfill their preferences within your space’s parameters.

Rein in distractions. Creative people can often get sidetracked easily, so they do need a certain amount of structure, suggests Give them clear deadlines and schedules so they can stay focused.

Let them take time to relax. While structure is important, you can’t be overbearing when it comes to right-brained thinkers. Their productivity increases when you give them time to dream, think and relax. Don’t make creative employees feel like they’re in a constant state of emergency. And remember that your behavior also dictates their behavior, so take time for yourself too.

Don’t let them neglect less stimulating tasks. Creative thinkers like to be -- well, creative. The unfortunate reality is that every job requires tasks that might not be exciting or stimulating. But these tasks are just as important to the business, and employees can’t neglect them. Remind creative employees that routine, boring tasks still need to be a priority.

Avoid micromanaging. Trust your employees, especially those with creative tendencies, to complete tasks without you breathing down their necks. Creative ideas often need time to develop without constant progress reports, insists

Ask employees what they think. Give right-brained thinkers the chance to contribute by asking for their input. This may be what they need to feel challenged and stimulated.

Have an open mind. Creative thinkers need freedom, and that may come in many forms. Realize that your creative employees might have different ways of accomplishing the same task -- and that their methods aren’t necessarily wrong. This doesn’t mean they aren’t accountable for their work, but the journey can vary as long as the destination is the same.


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