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Get Ready To Climb The Corporate Ladder

Do you imagine yourself sitting at your boss’s desk? You aren’t alone! You should think about planning your career, and that often means moving up the ladder.

However, thinking about your career isn’t enough. You need to take action. Fortunately, all it takes is vision, ambition -- and a few helpful tips from Sarah E. Needleman’s article “How To Position Yourself To Snag Your Boss’s Job,” published by Here’s what Needleman advises:

  • Be careful what you wish for. Close to 75 percent of polled executives said they could not only handle their boss’s work -- but they could actually do it better, according a poll by Korn/Ferry International. However, the problem is that most workers don’t fully understand their boss’s responsibilities. Employees also tend to be blind to their boss’s strengths, zeroing in on faults instead, claims Needleman. Be aware that you may be overconfident.
  • Watch and learn. You should gain a better understanding of what your boss does and how she interacts with both subordinates and supervisors, suggests Needleman. Pick out your boss’s leadership qualities, such as effective delegation and motivational praise, so you can emulate those qualities.
  • Offer to step in. Find out what task your boss is responsible for, but doesn’t like to do. Then offer to take on the task yourself. It’s a great way to gain experience and become more familiar with what your boss’s job entails, asserts Needleman. As a bonus, your boss will appreciate your help and motivation.
  • Don’t keep it a secret. Most workers think it’s a mistake to tell their boss that they’re interested in her job, but that isn’t necessarily true. You should share your career goals with your boss, who might offer development suggestions. After all, if you move up in the company, it makes your boss look like a strong leader who helped cultivate a talented employee. Just approach the subject tactfully, warns Needleman. You don’t want to threaten your boss by saying you want her job specifically. Instead, tell her you’re interested in a job like hers.
  • Be willing to make sacrifices. You may need to gain different kinds of experience to qualify for your dream job, so realize that you may need to take a new position within the company to gain experience before you can get the promotion you want. It may even require moving if a prime position is open in another location. Patience and perserverance are the name of the game if you want your boss’s job, says Needleman.

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