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The Twin Sides of the Fossil-Fuel Coin: How Net Energy Decline Interacts with Abrupt Climate Change (EGY161D)

Presented by: Guy McPherson
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
Event Description

We are in the midst of abrupt climate change, which will soon obliterate habitat on this planet for our species. This phenomenon has precedence in Earth's history, and it's irreversible at time frames that matter for humans. Civilization is a heat engine, and the planet is about to overheat. Our species, like all others, will go extinct. It's later than believed by most people. What matters now is how we choose to live. That's always been the case, although we often lose track of the urgency.

How will you act in your short time on this most wondrous of planets? Who are you? Who will you be?

This webinar by expert speaker Guy McPherson describes a few of the costs and consequences of industrial civilization. Civilization often is assumed to be unimpeachably good. But civilization has untoward consequences, including anthropogenic climate change. We are in the midst of abrupt climate change.

How do we react to this information about the set of living arrangements with which we are embedded? What thoughts, feelings, and actions do we pursue in light of this knowledge? All attendees will discuss and learn what these questions are and what they mean to them personally during this session.

We will tackle a few topics typically considered taboo in this culture, including grief, grieving, death, dying, and the relevance of the natural world to our short, human lives. Talking about the unspeakable is not without social costs, although it can prove liberating.

Participants in this session with speaker Guy McPherson will come away with the following conclusions:

  1. Life is short. It must be pursued with urgency.
  2. Excellence in any venture is rare. The pursuit of excellence must be a high priority in our short lives.
  3. The pursuit of excellence will be recognized and rewarded in the marketplace.
  4. Love is rare. The pursuit of love must be a high priority in our lives.
  5. Pursuing what one loves will be recognized and rewarded.
  6. Individuals who pursue excellence will be reap financial rewards. Individuals who love their work will be similarly rewarded.
  7. Organizations that reward individual excellence will be sought by prospective employees. The resulting financial advantages are apparent.
  8. Organizations that reward individual excellence will have high retention of existing employees. The resulting financial advantage are obvious.

Training Highlights:

This session is predicated on the following principles and ideas -

  1. Civilization is a heat engine: Only collapse of civilization prevents runaway climate change.
  2. The demise of civilization triggers runaway climate change due to the absence of global dimming.
  3. Humans have never persisted on a planet more than 3.3 degrees C above baseline (i.e., the beginning of the industrial revolution in 1750).
  4. Earth is headed for a global-average temperature more than 4 C above baseline. According to Oliver Tickell's headline in the 10 August 2008 issue of The Guardian, "On a planet 4 C hotter, all we can prepare for is extinction."
  5. And given the above, how do we respond, as individuals within society?

Who Should Attend

The target audience includes everybody impacted by industrial civilization – essentially, all of Earth's inhabitants.

About Our Speaker(s)

Guy McPherson | Energetic & Environment SpeakerGuy McPherson
Guy McPherson is an energetic speaker and talented moderator. He has appeared before countless audiences to speak about the two primary consequences of our fossil-fuel addiction: global climate change and energy decline. Because these phenomena impact every aspect of life on Earth, his talks reach a wide variety of aud... More info

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    Event Title: The Twin Sides of the Fossil-Fuel Coin: How Net Energy Decline Interacts with Abrupt Climate Change
    Presenter(s): Guy McPherson

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