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From Smart Grid to No Grid: Supply Chain, Cybersecurity, and NERC's Electric Grid Reliability Standards (EGY361E)

Presented by: Tamar J. Cerafici
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Tue, March 8, 2016
Event Description
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Cyber Security for the Power Grid - NERC's Infrastructure Requirements

Cyber security is constantly evolving. As a result, the regulatory landscape needs to keep up with these changing tides in order to assure that there is a consistent and adequate measure of security discipline being applied to the power grid. Discovering ways to efficiently and effectively apply good security practices and meet regulatory obligations at the same time is not easy.

This webinar by expert speaker Tamar Cerafici will review the North American Electric Reliability Corporation's (NERC's) cyber security regulations and arms you with strategies for compliance and knowledge management in your business. This session will focus on the NERC's latest proposals for critical infrastructure, which will become effective in April 2017. You’ll get a detailed review of FERC's recent orders for security analysis of the grid's supply chain and how it will affect the way NERC and its suppliers will do business going forward.

Training Highlights:

  • Help analyze information risk based on industry best practices, regulatory requirements, and analysis of access and activity data, and help organizations identify the areas of greatest risk to prioritize and focus remediation projects.
  • Understand how FERC has changed the dynamic for critical infrastructure protection
  • Protect information, policies and procedures associated with critical cyber assets, by identifying and implementing electronic access controls to critical cyber assets within the electronic security perimeter. Denying unauthorized access is the most effective data loss prevention; a single policy set can now bring all file servers and document repositories into compliance.
  • Identify policies and procedures that can enhance your company's compliance strategies.


  • Definitions of “critical infrastructure”
  • How FERC's recent orders require security analysis of the grid's supply chain
  • How FERC's cybersecurity requirements affect your business
  • NERC reliability obligations & energy policy
  • Smart grid and other vulnerabilities to electricity reliability
  • How cyber security requirements and environmental regulatory compliance are linked

Who Should Attend

  • Energy professionals
  • Energy Lawyers
  • Energy and reliability consultants
  • Energy policy groups
  • Environmental policy groups
  • Clean Power & renewable energy professionals
  • Oil & gas professionals
  • Professionals within energy industry supply chain
About Our Speaker(s)

Tamar J. Cerafici, Energy Solutions ExpertTamar J. Cerafici
Attorney Cerafici is an internationally recognized leader and legal specialist in the often complex and challenging nuclear regulatory industry. She has been at the forefront of the industry in building regulatory and policy framework for a new generation of nuclear plants. She was a major contributor to the first Earl... More info

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    Event Title: From Smart Grid to No Grid: Supply Chain, Cybersecurity, and NERC's Electric Grid Reliability Standards
    Presenter(s): Tamar J. Cerafici Protection Status