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Understanding Smoke and Fire Contamination in Buildings (EGY818D)

Presented by: Dr. Ryan Kuhn, Ph.D
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Event Description

Learn How to Investigate a Fire Loss from an Environmental Perspective & Evaluate the Contaminants after the Fire

If you deal with fire-related property claims, you know how complicated post-fire assessments and clean-ups can be. During a fire, be it a wildfire or a structural fire, a large number of contaminants and toxins can be produced, and property owners and insurance adjusters need to evaluate the visible/not visible damage to determine what corrective actions are needed. Conducting this evaluation can be difficult, given that each fire can generate different contaminants based on the fuels present.

In this session, industry veteran Ryan Kuhn will teach you how to investigate a fire loss from an environmental perspective, determine the likely contaminants present in a building after the fire, and develop appropriate corrective actions. Kuhn will explain what occurs during a fire – including the types of contaminates produced under different conditions. He will show you how to conduct a visual inspection for combustion contaminates, walk you through the current testing methodologies and strategies used by investigators to evaluate and quantify the presence of combustion by-product contamination in a building.

Kuhn will provide an up-close look at the contaminants produced as a result of the fire, explain the differences between a wildfire and structural fire, discuss the chemistry involved in a fire, and point out the pros and cons of each analytical method. You will learn how to correctly interpret laboratory data (without skewing the test results) – as well as what corrective actions should be taken to remove the contaminants (with examples).

After attending this webinar, you will be able to determine the most likely contaminants present in a building, and know how to develop corrective actions to address combustion by-product contaminants in a building. Plus, you will understand how to visually inspect and characterize a fire loss, know what role an environmental professional can play in evaluating the loss – as well as what outcomes to expect.

Session Highlights:

This session will get you up to speed with:

  • What occurs during a fire?
  • How does fuel type and temperature impact the types of contaminants present?
  • What are some of the physical characteristics of combustion related contaminants?
  • Why are combustion related contaminants unwanted in buildings?
  • How do you conduct a visual inspection for combustion contaminates?
  • What are the currently available analytical methods for particulate combustion contaminants?
  • What are the currently available analytical methods for chemical combustion contaminants?
  • How to interpret the analytical analysis reports?
  • What are background levels and other combustion sources that may skew testing results?
  • What are some corrective actions that can be taken to remove combustion contaminants?

Who Should Attend

This webinar will benefit:

  • Property owners
  • Property managers
  • Insurance adjusters
  • Attorneys
  • Anyone dealing with fire related property claims
About Our Speaker(s)

Dr. Ryan Kuhn Ph.D
Dr. Ryan Kuhn, Ph.D., CIH is the vice-president and director of Industrial Hygiene Services for Dominion Environmental Consultants, Inc., a national environmental consulting firm.  Dr. Kuhn has performed hundreds of environmental investigations in numerous residential and commercial properties across the country.  Dr... More info

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    Event Title: Understanding Smoke and Fire Contamination in Buildings
    Presenter(s): Dr. Ryan Kuhn, Ph.D

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