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OSHA Recordkeeping Update: Electronic Submittal and Beyond (EGY975C)

Presented by: Sheldon Primus
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Wed, September 27, 2017
Event Description
1.0 Credit

How to Enter a Recordable Injury in the OSHA Injury Tracking Application System Accurately

OSHA recently released the new Injury Tracking Application (ITA) for electronic injury and illness recordkeeping reporting. Not everyone is required to submit their records under the specific guidelines of this new ruling. However, organizations that are required to submit their records must comply with OSHA’s deadline of December 1, 2017. For these organizations, the new standard has given rise to many questions, such as what a recordable injury is, how data should be entered, can alternative recordkeeping forms still be used, and, whether this standard will be repealed in the future?

Join this live webinar with expert speaker Sheldon Primus, who will give you a clear understanding of your responsibility for the OSHA electronic recordkeeping submittal process and what to enter as a recordable injury. You will receive the tools to better understand the OSHA recordkeeping ruling, and gain an understanding of the electronic submittal criteria. Sheldon will also provide an overview the ITA system and will help you understand the future of the OSHA recordkeeping standard.

Session Highlights

  • Discover where to log electronic records on OSHA’s website
  • Learn the importance of entering only recordable injuries
  • Understand the 29 CFR 1904 regulations regarding recordkeeping
  • Distinguish between an OSHA recordable incident and what is not recordable
  • Review the ITA system
  • Understand medical treatment vs. first aid treatment of injuries
  • Learn the proper way to enter injury data in the OSHA 300, 301, and 300A logs

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs or company executives
  • Compliance and safety officers
  • Directors of risk management
  • Directors of human resources
  • Regulatory compliance agents
  • Risk advisors
  • Insurance companies
  • General contractors
  • Process technicians
  • Warehouse managers
  • General employees
About Our Speaker(s)

Sheldon Primus | OSHA Safety Training SpeakerSheldon Primus
Sheldon Primus is a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist and holds a master of public administration with a concentration in environmental policy. He has been in the environmental and occupational safety field since 1994. Additionally, he is a trainer for the Certified Occupational Safety Specialist program of the ... More info

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    Event Title: OSHA Recordkeeping Update: Electronic Submittal and Beyond
    Presenter(s): Sheldon Primus

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