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Net Metering: Today's Issues, Tomorrow's Outcomes (EGY874R)

Presented by: Peter Kelly-Detwiler
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
Event Description

Learn About the Critical Regulatory Issues that Affect the Future Viability of the Rooftop Solar Industry

Net metering is critical to the health of today’s on-site solar industry, and it is critical to understand the key issues related to net metering, virtual net metering, and what changes might come next.

Join this session with expert speaker Peter Kelly-Detwiler, who will explain the concept behind net metering and virtual net metering. This session will outline some of the challenges related to net metering, as grids become saturated with specific types of resources (such as solar). Peter will look at states on the forefront of addressing this issue, and various solutions proposed by regulators in states such as Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, California, and Minnesota. He will also discuss the overall state of play and the regulatory and compliance issues.

By attending this session, you will learn about the critical regulatory issues that affect the future viability of the rooftop solar industry. You will also be able to understand why the rooftop solar industry is so dependent on various regulatory constructs. You will comprehend what is occurring when you read about specific PUC decisions on the topic, and will have a good idea as to what may come next in the solar industry, especially as state mandates move up to 50% or 100% renewables by certain dates.

Session Highlights

  • What is net metering and why does it matter?
  • What is virtual net metering and how does it apply to community solar and other assets?
  • Why did net metering emerge?
  • What are the issues associated with net metering and why is it controversial?
  • How many states are looking at changing the current regulatory construct?
  • What alternatives have been proposed to net metering and why?
  • What are the key battleground states and where do they stand?
  • When do saturation rates of solar start to become critical?
  • What is net metering 2.0 (such as in California)?
  • How are the economics of solar affected by these various regulatory approaches?

Who Should Attend

  • Employees of energy storage companies
  • Employees of solar installation companies
  • Energy utility professionals
  • Energy C- suit professionals
  • Energy attorneys
  • Professionals into renewables sector
About Our Speaker(s)

Peter Kelly-Detwiler
Peter Kelly-Detwiler, principal of NorthBridge Energy Partners has more than 25 years of experience in the area of electric energy, retail power, energy efficiency, and distributed energy assets. A former SVP of Constellation Energy’s Demand Response business unit, Mr. Kelly-Detwiler offers expertise to clients in th... More info

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    Event Title: Net Metering: Today's Issues, Tomorrow's Outcomes
    Presenter(s): Peter Kelly-Detwiler

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