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Master 3 Elements of an Emissions Inventory: The What, Why & How of Air Pollution Data (EGY386X)

Presented by: Vince Marchesani, Ph.D.
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Tue, March 20, 2018
Event Description
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TRI, NEI, GHGRP: Don’t Drown in the Alphabet Soup of Air Pollution Standards

Collection of air pollution data in the United States has improved in recent years, but it’s still a giant process with multiple moving parts. And your job as an environmental, health, and/or safety professional depends on understanding how to navigate those parts—especially if you’re involved in gathering and submitting emissions data to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Four disparate emissions programs gather air pollution inventory nationally: (1) the National Emission Inventory (NEI), (2) the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP), (3) the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI), and (4) Clean Air Markets. Then it’s the EPA’s challenge to reconcile all those program databases using what’s called a Facility Register Service to create a master record. That’s a lot of information being collected. So what is it all used for—and how can you use the system to your benefit?

Find out when you join industry veteran and expert speaker Dr. Vince Marchesani for an information-packed presentation. He will describe the current state of U.S. air pollution emissions data gathering—and the specific challenges and opportunities facing industry. For instance, even minor sources of air pollution may affect an area’s ability to meet National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), and a non-attainment designation can impact your business’s expansion plans and cost you money.

Marchesani will reveal: Why air pollutant emissions inventories exist, how NAAQS is involved in gathering an accurate pollution emissions inventory, the differences and similarities among the various emissions inventories, and how emissions inventories are used.

Session Highlights

This program will teach you how to:

  • Acquire the emissions data of competitors who are expanding their operations
  • Stay out of non-attainment areas when considering a new facility site—and understand why that’s important
  • Efficiently and successfully select a new location for expanded production
  • Reduce cost increases due to inaccurate or incomplete emissions inventories

Who Should Attend

Company officials who perform an environmental, health, and/or safety function—especially those working in the chemical, petrochemical, oil, and paper industries—including:

  • Environmental health officers and staff
  • Safety managers and staff
  • Workplace health and safety managers and staff
  • Environmental policymakers
  • Air pollution specialists
  • And anyone who reports air pollution data to the EPA as part of an annual emissions inventory submittal
About Our Speaker(s)

Vince Marchesani | Environmental Regulations SpeakerVince Marchesani Ph.D.
Dr. Vince J. Marchesani is the President and CEO of Environmental, Health and Safety International, LLC. Vince has held the position of VP, Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) at Basell (retired). He has 30+ years of experience in the chemical industry. His educational qualifications include B.S. and M.S. degrees fr... More info

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    Event Title: Master 3 Elements of an Emissions Inventory: The What, Why & How of Air Pollution Data
    Presenter(s): Vince Marchesani, Ph.D.

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