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Global Warming and Global Climate Change: Fact or Fiction ? (EGYO40P)

Presented by: Dan Chiras
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60 minutes
  •  Wed, October 15, 2014
Event Description
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Understand the Economic Implications of Global Climate Change

Climate change is a politically contentious issue, but consensus among international atmospheric scientists is broad and deep.  In fact, few people realize that the scientific evidence in support of the connection between greenhouse gas emissions largely from human activities and climate change are overwhelming. Many fail to understand what climate change is, and how global warming can result in massive, costly, and socially devastating changes in climate and how it is affecting us. Join Dr.Dan Chiras in this riveting session, where he’ll examine the scientific evidence so attendees truly understand answers to two key questions:  (1) Are global warming and climate change occurring? (2) Are they the result of natural changes or human activities? Dan will also explore the social and economic implications for individuals, businesses, and governments and the challenges of creating a renewable energy economy.

In this program, Dan will explore the following questions:

  • Is global warming occurring?
  • Is our climate changing?
  • What is the difference between weather and climate?
  • Is there a relation between global warming and climate change?
  • Are humans responsible for global warming and climate change or are they the result of natural changes?
  • Are global warming and climate change creating social, economic, and environmental costs?  If so, what are the costs?
  • Is the scientific community really split on climate change?
  • Implications for public policy and US energy production
  • Is there a role for utilities in addressing climate change?
  • What are the states doing?  What are utilities doing?
  • Trends in US energy production: the rise in renewable energy in the US and abroad

Session Agenda:

  • Come away with a sound understanding of a highly misunderstood issue, global climate change
  • Understand how global warming affects weather patterns and climate
  • Learn about some key scientific studies that support the connection between greenhouse gas emission and global warming and climate change
  • Understand the costly social, economic, and environmental impacts of global warming and climate change
  • View the challenges and potential of switching to a renewable energy economy

Who should attend

  • City and state energy planners
  • Utility officials
  • City and Town managers
  • City and town council members
  • State representatives
  • Investors
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • College and University professors, especially in economics, environmental science, and renewable energy
  • Professor at technical and community colleges with renewable energy programs
  • Environmentalists and Conservationists
About Our Speaker(s)

Dan Chiras | Renewable Energy SpeakerDan Chiras
Dan Chiras is director of and lead instructor at The Evergreen Institute’s Center for Renewable Energy and Green Building in east central Missouri where he teaches numerous workshops on residential renewable energy, including fundamentals of solar electricity and PV site assessment, design, and installation. Dr. Chir... More info

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    Event Title: Global Warming and Global Climate Change: Fact or Fiction ?
    Presenter(s): Dan Chiras

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