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Environmental and Compliance Trends for 2017: Practical Strategies to Stay Ahead of Regulatory Changes (EGY173H)

Presented by: Vince Marchesani, Ph.D.
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60 minutes
Event Description
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Insights on EPA and OSHA Trends for 2017 with the New Trump Administration

Trends for the environment/EPA:

Over the years EPA has continued to create regulations; now approaching 90% of the almost 30,000 pages of federal regulatory requirements. This is not expected to continue. How President Trump and his administration will affect regulations in place and in the pipeline is unclear at this time.

Trends for health and safety/OSHA:

OSHA is a smaller agency than EPA and focuses on enforcement. As with EPA, the challenges and opportunities for OSHA remain unknown. The first challenge for the regulated community is to understand what the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) rules and requirements will look like under the new president and his administration. While some easing of regulatory requirements is expected, this will not happen overnight. Neither the EPA nor OSHA is expected to disappear. In addition, it must be kept in mind that most environmental enforcement takes place at the state level, and therefore, while regulations may be rescinded, or the number coming forward reduced at the federal level, state regulations should not be impacted by what happens in Washington.

There is a good chance that the European approach of using management systems will have an increased presence in the states. The European system uses competition among companies to improve environmental performance, and therefore, provides an opportunity to increase the bottom line. The International Standards Organization (ISO) environmental standard, titled ISO 14001, is one example. It is perhaps the most widely used of the environmental management systems. ISO 14001 has recently been updated. With new computer EHS management programs an increase in electronic reporting is expected. The US Toxic Substances Control Act has recently been re-authorized and signed into law. It is likely that some regulations will be put in place.

For OSHA there may be emphases on ISO 18001, which is the International Standards Organization health and safety standard. Both ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 are a movement away from the command and control approach of both the EPA and OSHA to a more business focused model. This is an important webinar by expert speaker Vince Marchesani, Ph.D., for this time of anticipated EHS regulatory changes and new directions. You will greatly benefit from attending this webinar.

Session Highlights:

  • The relationship between legislation and regulation and the relationship between federal and state/provincial rules
  • Possible changes in EPA and OSHA as a result of a new president and administration
  • EHS Management systems as a new path forward away from a command and control management approach
  • ISO 14001 new requirements
  • TSCA new requirements
  • Electronic reporting
  • Ways to keep up with changing requirements

Tools and Resources:

  • Knowing and addressing the differences between legislation and regulation and where and how to impact them.
  • Insights on how to implement an environmental management system.
  • How to implement the changes to ISO 14001.
  • The identification of ways of gaining access to information on new and modified regulatory requirements.
  • How to prepare for new EHS requirements

Session Benefits:

  • Get the knowledge to effectively address EHS issues and requirements.
  • Learn to implement a management system that improves the effectiveness of your EHS program.
  • Find out how an EHS management system can improve your company bottom line.
  • Know what is expected from the re-authorized TSCA.
  • Understand how changes to the ISO 14001 standard will benefit your company.

Who Should Attend

The oil, chemical, paper, petrochemical, food, electronics and other industries will all benefit from attending this webinar. Members of the following Trade Associations: The American Chemical Council, The Society of Plastic Industries, The American Petroleum Institute and many others will learn from this webinar.

About Our Speaker(s)

Vince Marchesani | Environmental Regulations SpeakerVince Marchesani Ph.D.
Dr. Vince J. Marchesani is the President and CEO of Environmental, Health and Safety International, LLC. Vince has held the position of VP, Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) at Basell (retired). He has 30+ years of experience in the chemical industry. His educational qualifications include B.S. and M.S. degrees fr... More info

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    Event Title: Environmental and Compliance Trends for 2017: Practical Strategies to Stay Ahead of Regulatory Changes
    Presenter(s): Vince Marchesani, Ph.D.

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