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Climate Change, Environmental Regulations, and Your Thriving Business: How to Create and Maintain Forward Progress under New Regulations (EGY261C)

Presented by: Tamar J. Cerafici
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Wed, February 3, 2016
Event Description
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Get to Know the Latest Trends in Climate Change Policy and EPA'S Latest Environmental Regulations.

By 2030, the Clean Power Plan's (CPP) final version has targeted to cut down the emissions of national electricity sector below the 2005 levels, by an estimated 32%. The CPP has come up with a number of options for curbing the carbon emissions, such as energy efficiency initiatives at power plants, shifting away from coal-fired power to lower emitting natural gas, and investing in renewable energy. There are also actions to limit a rush to natural gas as a reduction option because of the economic and other concerns that could result.

While the regulations are largely aimed at states that must develop regulations to meet these goals, your business will ultimately be affected by potentially higher energy costs. You should expect changes to your standard practices as a matter of course, so now is the time to start planning!

Join seasoned lawyer and advisor Tamar Cerafici to discuss the latest trends in climate change policy and EPA's latest environmental regulations. This important session will not only update you on the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, France, but you will learn how international climate change policy shapes and defines national environmental regulations. Because these national and international policy events profoundly affect your business, you will also come away with meaningful strategies to meet your business goals for 2016.

This program is useful for any professional who wants to dominate in the dynamic business of climate change and regulation. This program is ideal for small businesses that must deal with the potential encroachment of climate regulation. How these regulations will affect businesses will be the priority focus of this program.

Session Highlights:

  • Analyze how President Obama's Climate Action Plan (CAP) and Clean Power Plan (CPP) apply to your company.
  • Learn the best ways to track CPP decisions and activity in the respective states.
  • Get to know the about the possible litigation related with the CPP and how your investigation can be affected.
  • Analyze the available options to the states and learn what may be picked by the states where your facilities are located.
  • Analyze the important elements of the CPP and how it affects your company.
  • Update your understanding of national and international policies on climate change.
  • Estimate if your organization is likely to see energy cost increases.
  • Develop meaningful strategies for your business in 2016 and beyond.
  • Identify and evaluate outside resources to help your organization plan and prepare for the CPP.
  • Evaluate how existing regional programs will affect your bottom line.

Who should attend?

  • Energy utilities
  • Power plant professionals
  • Small business owners
  • Energy and environmental consultants
  • Energy and environmental lawyers
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • NGOs
About Our Speaker(s)

Tamar J. Cerafici, Energy Solutions ExpertTamar J. Cerafici
Attorney Cerafici is an internationally recognized leader and legal specialist in the often complex and challenging nuclear regulatory industry. She has been at the forefront of the industry in building regulatory and policy framework for a new generation of nuclear plants. She was a major contributor to the first Earl... More info

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    Event Title: Climate Change, Environmental Regulations, and Your Thriving Business: How to Create and Maintain Forward Progress under New Regulations
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