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Comprehensive Benchmarking: Understanding how you use and how you pay for Energy in 2016 (EGY840M)

Presented by: Temur Akhmedov, LEED AP
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Thu, September 25, 2014
Event Description
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Understand How to use and pay for Energy and Know Answers to all the Questions Related to Your Benchmarking Effort

Every energy efficiency and sustainability effort starts with benchmarking which is creating a meaningful performance baseline. Many municipalities have passed encouraging laws and some have mandated benchmarking, the buzz word of today. It is often that Energy Star Portfolio Manager is picked as a tool for benchmarking. Questions arise in this context, such as:

  • How do you make sense of all this?
  • Are you just trying to comply with a law, or is there some other benefit in benchmarking?
  • What are the costs of doing benchmarking and costs of not doing benchmarking before you jump into your energy efficiency strategy?

Meaningful and comprehensive metrics are critical to the success of your efforts. Evaluation, Measurement & Verification (EM&V) plan keeps every party accountable. EM&V plan keeps projects moving forward and ensures financial and technical feasibility of the results. At the foundation of EM&V plan lays comprehensive benchmarking.

There are questions such as how do you use energy? How do you pay for energy? What drives energy use? What drives energy costs? These are questions you should be able to answer with your benchmarking effort. In this webinar, expert speaker Temur Akhmedov, LEED AP will explain what makes benchmarking comprehensive and meaningful for your operations. You will learn the difference between Energy Star based benchmarking and comprehensive benchmarking, and how to use Energy Star Portfolio Manager to assist your efforts.

Training Objective:

  • Learn what makes benchmarking comprehensive and meaningful
  • Learn how much data and what kind of data to collect
  • Get information on some important resources to utilize when benchmarking performance of their facilities
  • Learn practical steps from A to Z on how to build a baseline and carry out continuous benchmarking
  • Cover fundamentals of benchmarking and its role in your energy efficiency efforts

This program will provide answers to these important questions:

  • Should we benchmark internally or should we hire consultants?
  • How much should I pay for benchmarking if I am using outside consultants?
  • Do we need to go beyond of what law requires?
  • Energy prices change. Last year was hot. How do I know my baseline is valid? How do I know that I am making progress?

Who Should Attend

  • C-level executives in charge of finance and operations
  • Corporate sustainability officers
  • Directors of facilities
  • Energy managers
  • Corporate and public real estate portfolio managers
  • Property management companies

Ask a question at the Q&A session following the live event and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.

About Our Speaker(s)

Temur Akhmedov, Energy ExpertTemur Akhmedov LEED AP
Temur Akhmedov, LEED AP, is an energy efficiency and renewable energy expert, public speaker and educator. For over 10 years, Mr. Akhmedov was involved in energy efficiency industry, first working with homeowners, later transitioning to working with large commercial and public entities. He performed hundreds of energy ... More info

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    Event Title: Comprehensive Benchmarking: Understanding how you use and how you pay for Energy in 2016
    Presenter(s): Temur Akhmedov, LEED AP

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