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Coal Gasification: Understanding Coal To Natural Gas Conversion (EGY273J)

Presented by: Stanislov Krapivnik
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60 minutes
  •  Wed, February 8, 2017
Event Description
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Learn about Coal to Natural Gas Conversion and the Best Investment Points in the Production Chain!

In this session with expert speaker Stanislov Krapivnik, you will learn what Coal to Natural Gas Conversion is, how it came about, how it works, and how it will affect the future gas markets, both local and regional. You will also understand the legal, economic and environmental impacts and drivers that affect this industry. Additionally, you will learn about the barriers to entry and the hazards to success in this area. You will learn what equipment is used, who manufactures the equipment, what chemicals are required, as well as the controversies that surround this process.

Get the basics of Coal to Natural Gas Conversion (coal gasification) and the key areas for sourcing components. Understand how the evolving gas shale industry’s possible severe curtailment will impact the coal industry and demand for coal to natural gas conversion. Further, you will learn where in the chain of production are good points to seek investments. Plus, you’ll get an understanding of environmental impacts and ways to improve production quality.

Session Highlights

  • What is Coal to Natural Gas Conversion (Coal Gasification) and what processes and equipment is used to create it.
  • Benefits of Coal Gasification vs Shale Gas production and conventional coal.
  • What legal regulations affect Coal Gasification.
  • What economic factors impact this industry.
  • Who manufactures Coal to Natural Gas Conversion equipment.
  • What chemicals are used in Coal to Natural Gas Conversion and what concerns and controversy surrounds them.
  • What effect this will have on the coal and gas markets.
  • How the upcoming demise or reduction of production of Shale Gas will impact the future demands for Coal Gasification.
  • How this will impact the comatose US coal industry.
  • What environmental impacts occur from the use of this technology and how environmental groups have impacted its development.

Who should attend?

Those seeking to enter the oil field in a non-technical capacity. Those interested from an analyst or investment stand point in understanding oilfield processes. National energy professionals looking for ways to diversify their energy portfolio. Utility industry investors and upper management. Futurscape theorists.

About Our Speaker(s)

Stanislov Krapivnik | Supply Chain SpeakerStanislov Krapivnik
Stanislov Krapivnik is a senior supply chain professional with 12 years in supply chain, 10 of which were in oilfield and oilfield manufacturing. Presently, he is the Operations Director and founding partner in OPKO, a Moscow based Supply Chain and Localization consultancy and the head of project procurement on a major... More info

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    Event Title: Coal Gasification: Understanding Coal To Natural Gas Conversion
    Presenter(s): Stanislov Krapivnik

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