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Me Too, Title IX & the First Amendment - How Educational Entities Should Combat Sexual Harassment on Social Media (EDUN18A)

Presented by: Timothy E. Gilsbach, ESQ
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60 minutes
Event Description
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Learn the Tools to Investigate Sexual Harassment Allegations Effectively on Social Media

Social media posts around the Me Too movement—sexual harassment posts represented by the hashtag "#MeToo"—are keeping educational entities on a constant high alert. Title IX investigators, compliance officers, and school authorities are finding themselves in the crosshairs of anti-bullying laws and First Amendment speech rights. They are required to balance these two conflicting series of rights and know which side of the line a particular post is on. A miss here can cause irreparable damage – to the parties involved and to the educational entity as well. So how do you avoid this, while ensuring that you’re able to effectively combat sexual harassment on social media?

Find out how in this webinar with special education litigation expert Timothy E. Gilsbach. Gilsbach will bring you up to speed with the current status of the law in terms of the complex intersection of Title IX, anti-bullying laws, and the First Amendment. You will learn what your educational entity can, should, or must do when allegations of sexual harassment via social media are raised. You will receive tips and practical guidance on how to handle investigations, and also learn how you can be held liable for failing to act properly.

After attending this webinar, you will clearly understand what parameters the law creates for administrators in the area of Title IX and the First Amendment. You will learn about the tools with which you can effectively investigate allegations of sexual harassment via social media; how your school/educational entity should respond to such allegations without running afoul of the law, and what you should do when working with victims of such harassment and the alleged harasser.

Session Highlights

This webinar will get you clear on:

  • The current status of the law under Title IX and the First Amendment
  • What does Title IX require of educational entities?
  • When do social media posts run possible afoul of Title IX?
  • How should an educational entity respond to allegations of sexual harassment online?
  • What steps should be taken in terms of investigating such allegations?
  • Where are the limits of First Amendment speech?
  • Where is the line between First Amendment speech and not protected harassment?
  • What should educational entities do to address both the victims and alleged harassers in such cases?
  • What possible liabilities could educational entities face in these matters for failing to act properly?
  • What types of non-legal problems could the failure to address these properly create?

Who Should Attend

  • Title IX Investigators
  • Compliance Officers
  • Deans of educational entities
About Our Speaker(s)

Timothy E. Gilsbach | FERPA Educational Law  SpeakerTimothy E. Gilsbach ESQ
Timothy E. Gilsbach, is an attorney at King Spry and is member of the firm’s Education Group, concentrating his practice in the area of special education and student related issues. Tim defends school districts, intermediate units and charter schools in all phases of special education litigation, from state level adm... More info

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    Event Title: Me Too, Title IX & the First Amendment - How Educational Entities Should Combat Sexual Harassment on Social Media
    Presenter(s): Timothy E. Gilsbach, ESQ

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