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How to Develop Creativity and Collaboration Capacity for Better Solutions to Challenges in your campuses (EDU489R)

Presented by: Dr. Valerie Patrick
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Thu, April 26, 2018
Event Description

Embrace Collaborative, Productive Problem-Solving

Collaboration and creativity are foundational concepts for students in the 21st century, and those concepts carry over directly into the workplace. While clear, these concepts are not necessarily easy to teach or learn. Are you searching for ways to infuse creativity and collaboration into everyday learning—in a way that translates to students’ future out in the real world?

Join Dr. Valerie Patrick in this informative, quick-paced live audio conference as she shows you the new fundamentals of creativity and collaboration and how those concepts can be taught in the classroom, used by administrators, and carried over to business settings. Patrick has decades of experience leading creativity and sustainability programs, as well as facilitating organizational leadership in major corporations. Find out how to put her time-tested strategies to use for your students.

When you leave this event, you will be armed with concrete steps for collaborating to generate new and useful ideas for workplace and educational challenges. You’ll also learn to avoid three common myths about creativity—and rely on four primary approaches to problem solving. This program is the key to unlocking solutions to the challenges higher education faces now and in the future.

Session Highlights

This program will teach you:

  • How collaboration differs from other types of workplace interactions and when collaboration is needed
  • The four primary approaches to problem-solving and how these can enhance collaboration
  • How to avoid the three common myths about creativity
  • Ways to access four different types of creativity
  • The five dimensions for improving creativity at work

Who Should Attend

  • Staff and executives in higher education
  • Assessment and accreditation specialists and managers
  • Compliance specialists and managers
  • Office managers
  • Academic advisors
  • Career counselors
  • Career placement specialists and managers
  • Conference and event administrators
  • Continuing education program administrators
  • Curriculum design specialists and administrators
  • Economic and business development administrators
  • Faculty development specialists and managers
  • Fundraising administrators
  • Human resource specialists and managers
  • Program managers
  • Public relations specialists and managers
  • Marketing and communication specialists and managers
  • School executives including chancellors, deans, academic vice-presidents, provosts, administrative vice-presidents, and presidents
About Our Speaker(s)

Dr. Valerie Patrick
Valerie Patrick, Ph.D. and President of Fulcrum Connection LLC, advanced from an entry-level research position to research management within 5 years and worked on a wide variety of strategic initiatives of increasing organizational scope until her last position of reporting to the CEO for Bayer’s North America operat... More info

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    Event Title: How to Develop Creativity and Collaboration Capacity for Better Solutions to Challenges in your campuses
    Presenter(s): Dr. Valerie Patrick

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