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Fostering the Access and Success of Students Transferring from 2- to 4-year Institutions (EDU963D)

Presented by: Joe Cuseo
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90 minutes
  •  Thu, September 15, 2016
Event Description
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How Successful Vertical Student Transfers Benefit Institutions and Students.

“No matter how many effective transfer agreements we have in place, on paper or online, the access and success of transfer students depends ultimately on the personal, programmatic, and collaborative support they receive from faculty and staff at both the sending and receiving institution.”

Disappointing discrepancies currently exist between the number of two-year college students who intend to transfer to four-year colleges and those who actually do. This discrepancy becomes even more disconcerting when viewed in light of the current economic climate, which is increasing number of students who choose to enter higher education at lower-cost community colleges, particularly low-income, first-generation students. Adopting effective strategies to facilitate successful “vertical transfer” from two-year to four-year campuses will benefit both types of institutions in terms of enrollment management and performance-based funding, but most importantly, will benefit students aspiring to achieve a baccalaureate degree.

In this session by expert speaker Joe Cuseo, you will get knowledge and practical tools for addressing the issue of transfer student success with respect to the following target areas:

  • Curricular coordination (e.g., Transfer Articulation Agreements, Guaranteed Admissions Agreements, Dual Admission)  
  • Creating a “transfer-friendly culture”
  • Effective financial counseling and academic advising for transfer students
  • Transfer student orientation
  • First-year experience and transfer-year experience courses
  • Co-curricular support programming
  • Faculty involvement and mentoring
  • Peer support and mentoring
  • Assessing the effectiveness of transfer programs and initiatives

Session Highlights:

  • What are the key forms or varieties of transfer (e.g., vertical vs. lateral vs. reverse?
  • Why is facilitating the vertical (forward) transfer of students from 2-year to 4-year colleges an important issue?
  • How can 2-year colleges promote successful transfer?
  • How can 4-year colleges and universities stimulate successful transfer?
  • How can 2-year and 4-year campuses work collaboratively to facilitate the transfer transition?

Who Should Attend

All professionals interested in promoting the access and success of transfer students, either at 2-year or 4-year institutions

About Our Speaker(s)

Joe Cuseo | Student Success &  Retention SpeakerJoe Cuseo
Joe Cuseo holds a doctoral degree in Educational Psychology and Assessment from the University of Iowa and is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Marymount College (California)-where for more than 25 years he directed the first-year seminar-a core course required of all new students.  He is a 14-time recipient of the ... More info

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    Event Title: Fostering the Access and Success of Students Transferring from 2- to 4-year Institutions
    Presenter(s): Joe Cuseo

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